BlackBerry PlayBook LTE launching “Early April”


  • nik

    still wont buy it loll. throw in the android os then im all over it. qnx blows

    • Jesse Barfield

      Just when you think RIM is down and out they pull the rabbit out of the hat and turn the industry upside down!

      RIM is back, and they are back in a big, big way.

      This is definitely a game-changer. I am buying 2 of these for my family.

    • bob

      What? yoy know nothing about the specs (except LTE) or price but you say that RIM is back?

      Remember people said RIM was back with the Playbook. They also said RIM was back with the Torch, and again with OS 7. Let’s face it, RIM isn’t back.

    • NotgoodDeal

      How about FINISHING the Playbook from 2011?
      How about releasing BBM and BES for Playbook first?

    • NotgoodDeal

      Where are the Playbook:
      -White Edition,
      -Pink (Breast Cancer support)
      -Red in colour not RED (TM)
      -“Porsche Edition”?

      And finally where is the Playbook “covered in Swarosky crystals-limited edition”
      Don’t they do that with all the BBs?

    • NotgoodDeal

      This has to be THE BEST NAME EVERR!!!!
      Playbook LONG TERM EVOLUTION !!!

      Do they give prices for best named products?

    • NotgoodDeal

      So they will be “launching” not releasing the PB LTE in April, right after the Q4 earnings report and to avoid the stock getting too close to $10.

      Right now the PB is $15, around then it will be widely available for that or at $99. The product is so devalued and the reputation so eroded that they won’t be able to sell it for more than $250 (who cares about reaching their data cap faster at the cost of shorter battery?)

      Naming the tablet Playbook its a huge mistake, they should start with a clean slate…that’s it I shall call it:
      “Slate” or
      “sLaTE”- the letters LTE in the word are capitals; or
      “sLATE” – Because it will be …. into the game!

      Gosh, I love RIM, my cousin works for them but the company is a mess, and they keep on giving us material to write these jokes.

    • hoo dat

      QNX blows? Chris Wade, Android hacker extrordinaire and creator of Dingleberry, has publicly stated on more than one occassion that QNX is a superior OS to Android. Check his Twitter feed for a couple of prime examples.

    • G -man

      You must be even dumber than you look! QNX blows? Better hope not -its running your local nuclear power plant, your power grid, your car (not that you have one ),the Internet…
      So, in conclusion :QNX most definitely does not suck -it’s just that you blow.

  • Rich

    Isn’t it time for a hardware upgrade, yet? It seems like their entire phone/tablet line is at a halt.

  • Keegan

    They are releasing 4g tablets last year?

  • Kenny

    If they keep their word and release on the days they say they will, their rep will only improve and recover.

  • TheTigerTek

    My favorite new features from OS 2.0 are:

    1. BlackBerry Remote (Magical I had my PlayBook hooked up to my TV last night used my Bold 9900 to navigate it sick, also I can send browser links, documents, pictures and more effortlessly from my BB to my PlayBook)

    2. Native Email, Calendar and Contacts.. Well I didn’t really need it since I sold my Galaxy S2 and bought a Bold so I was able to do everything before but the new implementation is great. Love the UI easy to use.

    3. Browser / OS / Keyboard: PlayBook had one of the best mobile browser from the start but now its alot faster and so fluid. I streamed NBA game right from the browser works great. Also navigating thru the new OS is effortless it doesn’t lag at all. Keyboard on the new OS is a huge improvement from the older version… it has predictive text, bit larger and works great but no shortcut option as of yet like what you would find on BB phones. I still prefer my Bold keyboard.

    4. Docs To Go / Print To Go. When I had my iPad I think I paid $14.99 each for Word and Excel. Even though PlayBook came with all three Excel, PowerPoint and Word but it wasn’t as useful. Now with the new update Excel has alot more functions etc… I used Print To Go today easy setup.. Love it. Nice Job.

    5. This is a simple on Notification… Now finally just like my Bold when I ever I get new Email or update the notification Red Light Blinks on my PlayBook. It’s pretty addictive but its effective.

    6. Android Player: Just like all the reviews Android Player works good once you get it started… RIM has even implemented a swipe gesture for multi tasking with in the Android Player. The only thing there isn’t a lot of Android Apps at the moment. Hopefully things will change I read that there are a lot of backlogs of Apps submitted so soon we’ll see a lot more apps.

    What’s Missing From The New OS:

    1. No universal search… There were some BestBuy leaked screen shot of a PlayBook with a search icon. Hopefully this will be coming soon. There is how ever search within apps like Email and Contacts.

    2. Apps: There a lot of games trickling into the App World like DeadSpace, Angry Birds, Modern Combat, Cut The Rope but Apps like Skype, Netflix and Kindle (I know Kindle Web App Works) are still missing. I hope RIM can work with the developers to bring these apps on board. PLEASE RIM EVEN THE HP TOUCH PAD HAS SKYPE.

    3. Other than that PlayBook is a great buy especially for the current price for as low as $149.00 at places… even for $199.00 I would say it’s a better buy than the Fire or Nook even dare I say any Android Tablet and for people like who me had an iPad before I still prefer my PlayBook.

    Thanks for reading.

    • NotgoodDeal

      Hold on:
      You are a RIM fan and you don’t mention:
      “Its February 24, 2012 and the Playbook still doesn’t have:
      NO BBM
      NO BES

      in the “What’s Missing From The New OS”
      I think the playbook its a good tablet but without the BBM and the BES its $50 too expensive. I will wait for April to drop to $99 and I will buy one.

    • Me Ted

      I love our Playbooks but wtf were you doing trading in your GSII for a..a..a…Bold?

  • jeff

    where is the playbook currently being sold for $149?

    • Edward Szklat

      Telus in Canada was selling the 32GB Playbook for $149. Sale lasted a few days.

  • Peacenik

    For me the Playbook sucks and I am going to upgrade to an iPad 3. The quality of the Apps in the app world leaves a lot to be desired. And I think I like the bigger screen on the iPad

    • Dimitri.k

      Have fun paying $500 for a tablet which if it falls it will break in pieces & the glass will shatter unlike the playbook that wont. Also have fun paying overprice for a tablet that is locked & even the people that jailbreak the Apple products are going to have a rough time to find a jailbreak solution for the ipad 3? Hell even if they add a better screen its not worth it. Same old design & same old look. Whats better? They can note even make a smaller one.

  • Kennedyk24

    you mean you’re comparing the playbook to a non-existent tablet?

  • 411

    Well they had to release OS2 before they could release the New PB. It will feature a faster CPU: Dual Core 1.5 GHz and NFC! Battery might be different from the current 5300mAh. The rest will be the same. Hopefully will have info if there’s really a 10 inch in the works.

  • Bsha

    After a while I am so happy to hear very good news from

  • NotgoodDeal

    Coming in 60 days; coming in the summer;Coming in September; coming in October; Coming by February 2012;Coming “latter part of 2012”

    Coming “Early April”??? Aprils Fool?
    Now that’s a new one!

    • G -man

      Not -too -good -deal. Is a Good name for you. The only April’s fool here is you. Do your research -the world is changing and you’re not…Not -too -bright would be a better name for you!

  • shaggyskunk

    @notgooddeal….. too bad you’re jokes aren’t funny.

    Roll up the RIM, to WIN.

    • NotgoodDeal

      Too bad they are not jokes!
      That’s what RIM said about the update of the playbook after release in April 2011.

      Now its Feb 2012 and the RIM tablet doesn’t have BBM or BES??
      Nothing funny about that; you are right.

  • Me Ted

    No wonder Telus blew out the WiFi models a few weeks ago. LTE was coming to town.

    • Edward Szklar

      @ $149 for the 32GB PB it was a great deal. So sorry I didn’t pick one up.

  • EmperumanV

    Having LTE on the Playbook won’t be great if the battery life isn’t great. Then again tablet plans are additional, and are not cheap.

    Same thing applies to other 3G/4G/LTE tablets in the market.

    I guess people want a bigger screen when surfing on the go? 😛

  • david

    The PlayBook OS 2.0 is a joke and a half! This over for you Rim, burn in hell!

    • Dimitri.k

      Is that why there share went up when it was launched? Is that why All the outlets got sold out that day from selling the playbook? Is that why Everyone that is making comments about it is saying great things?

      Wait your just a troll like the rest..

  • goobon lagosa

    this comment section is the real joke. Every single pro-rim comment has double digit plus votes, every single anti-rim comment is hidden because of too many negative votes. …regardless of how (ir)relevant or insightful the comment might be. the comments in this thread are obviously stacked with paid RIM people. Thanks for making the extra click to read this hidden comment.

    • Dimitri.k

      RIM paid people? You must be the most retarded person alive. Bro go read the other sites where people post about RIM & see for a fact that even people that live in the states get more thumbs up as well. I read other websites which has similar comment boxes & thumbs up & down system. I suggest you stop trolling & go outside for a while & see what RIM can do. Wait your just some douche that trolls

    • Dogg64

      Really bro?

      Maybe a lot of us have PlayBooks and just really love them (like me).

  • Betty Koyle

    this saves RIM.. not

    • Dimitri.k

      Go make a sandwich B*. & stop trolling. If you have a life i suggest you go outside in the real world & troll people face to face. Lets see where that gets you.

  • Kastor troy

    Unbelievable, rim finally comes true and makes the playbook amazingly beautiful to use and people still whine and complain. Whether they are late to the game remains to be seen as the tablet markets still in its infancy. Those who truly understand technology sees the incredible potential of qnx. Those who don’t either are obvious paid trolls or completely blind horses wearing horse shades. ios and android have their obvious dominance but until the os is able to fully handle multitasking properly qnx will have a longer shelf life in the long run. I have worked with quite a few different tablets, and although rim lacks the apps, their qnx is the most stable.

    I am confident once devs fully realizes the potential of qnx they will understand the longevitity and power of qnx. No matter how many cores you throw at ios or android,they will always become unstable where true multitasking is concerned, as they were never written that way.

    Now I realize the average user doesn’t care for that, as apposed to having amples amounts of apps. And that’s great as well, but I cannot see why playbook can’t compete with these juggernuts in the mobile space. Qnx has wayy to much potential to fail, and I’m confident consumers will come around and see that. Consumers always want one thing over the course of time and that is variety and the ability to choice.

    Rim does not have to beat apple or Google, only need to stay relevant and current, and qnx will give them that ability. Qnx is definitely rim’s ace card and they will win back the enterprise market, if simply for its efficiency and stability of qnx.

    And no, I don’t work or paid by rim. Just a proud Canadian who is proud of rim and it’s products.


    • Ronald Mcdaonld

      I really like blackberry… Its tiring to hear people trash them.
      OS 7 competes
      OS 6 didn’t compete which was sad. If os 7 came out when os 6 did bb would be fine. but k… at the moment iphones not being to innovative either.
      People whining about BBM
      its qnx
      it takes time to build software for all you people who are unaware.
      Team Blackberry 🙂
      love my playbook

  • cheenachatze

    This is great news. I hope they continue to support and update the software on existing Playbooks as well. The hardware is top notch, and so is the OS. It only needs more apps. They need to have Skype and Netflix on board. And if they get offline turn by turn navigation software, this would be the GPS to rule them all.

  • marianne

    Usually I would upset if I just bought a product and they immediately upgraded it. But there is no way that I would pay obscene prices from Robellus to get 1gb of data which I will blow by watching a few movies

  • paul

    @notagooddeal…I would have to say you have either never owned a BB product ever or are a disgruntled former employee. I have never seen such an extreme example of trolling in my life.

  • Jason

    There’s alot of tech coming down the pipe for mobile phones. Too much, too soon? I’d rather have a well developed solid product than a rushed “newest and greatest” any day. I hope RIM can come through soon enough to shut up all the nay-sayers.

  • Jake

    Love my PlayBooks. ( I have three of them )
    LTE just adds another option for those that want it. It’s not for me, but it’s nice to have choice.

    Just wait until the BB10 phones release later this year.

    GO RIM!!!!

  • jansen

    i got the 1st gen and paid 560 for the 16gb the day it came out. im gonna hold out for a bit and see whats happening in the market. i mean ipad 7 inch is gonna come out in september/december.

    i keep supporting blackberry and i still dont get the tools i need. mainly skype and a front facing camera. like im on the fence.