Virgin launches new Canada/U.S. Tablet Flexi-Data Plan


  • Dustin

    Let me know when there’s a deal to use our phones there without being raped. ($51/mb) awesome.

  • InfinitiGuy

    You’re better off with a T-Mobile pre-paid SIM and get the $30 for 5GB of 4G in a portable wi-fi capable phone/stick if you are traveling to the US.

    • chall2k5

      except you’d need an AWS capable device…..perfect for us Wind/Mobi and Videotron users, not so for those Robellus users

  • Nunzio B

    Data is just too much in Canada. $35 for 5GB?

  • zzZZzz

    by my calculations, ends up at 90c/MB.
    Considering that not too long ago, 500mb of regular data was about 25-30$, I’d say it’s not so bad.

  • gmd

    Don’t compare to the past. Compare to other countries.

  • gmd

    Actually, 500mb is still 25-30$ on a lot of plans…

    • rob

      you are aware that even the US doesn’t offer 30$-6GB LTE data plans right?? they still sell 2GB for 35$ down there!!! the US data rates are the same, however voice, longdistance, roaming is cheaper.

  • Alex Perrier

    A lot of Canadian companies offered 250 MB at $15/month before Virgin did. It’s good they are blocking roaming outside of Canada, but the USA Flex Plan is a huge ripoff. Instead of worrying about 500 MB, you should activate with another carrier like Virgin USA to get five times as much and no overage limits.

    Richard Branson should show Virgin Mobile Canada how it’s done.

    • DoctorCell

      you are an i***t. you cannot go sith VIrgin Mobile USA because they dont have sims (cdma carrier with sprint)

    • Alex Perrier

      The Virgin Mobile USA MiFi works with any tablet. It’s an alternative to Virgin’s expensive $190 plan (you still save at least $40). Another option is to go with NetZero or T-Mobile.

  • dav1dz

    Richard Branson needs to buy Virgin moniker back in Canada and operate like a real network now that CRTC has ruled in favour of more foreign investment.

  • Dan

    Come on carriers. 6gb is so 2008. Give us plans starting at 10gb and offer up to 100gb for under $40. We’ll never find true use for our tablets if the internet is the limiting factor! Hell, I was getting unlimited data for $7 on my HTC Touch in 2006!

  • Mike Thomas

    Virgin data plans are a bait-and-switch. I work in both Canada and the U.S., so bought the Flexi-Data plan + the $10/month add-on to get reduced roaming charges in the U.S. Within a couple of months of setting up, they blocked U.S. roaming “to protect me against high roaming fees”. Six calls to customer support while they pretended to fix it each time, but in the end they refused to turn it back on. Of course they continued to charge me all the fees…for a service I could not possibly use. Rip-off.