Virgin Mobile rolls out new Flex Plan for Tablets


  • Damien

    Wow Telus is actually a better deal.

    • Dale

      ah, no it’s not. Virgin is cheaper

  • Jon

    Yeah umm…I wish they would offer a 500MB plan.

  • Demonte21

    Bell Now also have that Exact same Offer.

  • Rashypoo

    Who cares about Flex data for tablets…. Where are the flex data plans for PHONES!!!!

    • Jon

      at koodo =p

    • Matt

      Truth! Now that would be a nice deal! In this cse I think Telus is better simply because youre likely to cross 250, but not quite as likely to cross 500. At least thats my experience.

  • Dustin Neudorf

    Don’t Bell and TELUS have the 6gig/$30 plan? I would just get that on a myfi enabled device and call it a day.

    • Virgin Mobile Rep

      Hey Dustin!

      Virgin is offering the 6gig of Data for $30 too, but it’s in Quebec only, like Telus and Bell.

      We will probably launch the $30/6gig of data offer in all provinces when we will release the next IPhone, just like we did last year.

  • Graham J

    Why do you guys keep reporting this stuff? Canadian data rates being a ripoff is hardly news.

  • Blekdar

    Oh? Does the US have better data plans? No? Then shut up.

  • Craig

    Why do people have a separate data plan for their tablet? Just get the 6GB for $30 plan on your phone and tether or hotspot.

  • Demonte21

    By the way you can’t activate a 6 GB option on a myfi or a UsbStick… because the 6GB is an option. Not a plan. The 6GB option currently available is only compatible with current Voice plan.