Virgin Mobile rolls out new Flex Plan for Tablets

Virgin Mobile is one of the carriers that just released the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and they also just announced a new set of Tablet Flex data plans. Slightly different pricing and structure than what TELUS recently announced, Virgin has the the following available (there’s also a “one time Activation Fee of $35):

10MB or less: $5/month
10MB – 250MB: $15/month
250MB – 5GB: $35/month
5GB or more: 1.5cents/MB/month

To compare to TELUS’ structure, they have the their Flex Data Plan for Tablets with:

Up to 10MB: $5/month
10MB – 100MB: $10/month
100MB – 500MB: $20/month
500MB – 5GB: $35/month (anything over this is 2¢/MB)

(Thanks Tipster!)