Bell and Milton church plan on building a cellphone tower disguised as a cross

Bell is certainly finding creative ways to make cellphone towers look a bit better. Earlier this week it was revealed that they are planning to construct 20 towers disguised as trees in cottage country.

Bell is now looking to improve coverage and wireless service in the Milton, Ontario area. A proposed 29.9-metre tower will be possibly placed on the 17-acre property of the New Life Church – this height doesn’t need approval from Industry Canada as it just falls under the 30-meter mark. Local residents are a bit upset at its design. As you can see in the simulation, Bell has created the steel cellphone tower to look like a cross. The design came from a church in Mississauga that already has the the steel cross cellphone tower erected.

New Life Pastor Dan Rogge stated that there has been some negativity towards the proposal, but “I grew up really respecting other people’s religious symbols… I certainly do not desire to cause any offence to anyone by suggesting to them that I don’t appreciate their symbol, because to them, that symbol reminds them of their devotion. Would Jesus be proud of us for embracing a symbol of his love? I believe he would. It’s not Disney north. We’re trying to do this reverently.”

Apparently there’s a meeting to discuss this proposal on April 12th at the Milton Leisure Centre from 7 to 9 p.m. In addition, there’s no word on how much revenue the tower will generate for the church.

Source: The Star