Facebook job posting says they’re looking “to implement the next generation of mobile Facebook products”

Facebook is currently preparing for their $5 billion IPO – a recent SEC filing revealed the world’s largest social network has 845 million monthly active users, including 432 million mobile users. One of the big concerns is Facebook’s lack of generating revenue from mobile advertising, the same SEC filing stated that “growth in use of Facebook through our mobile products, where we do not currently display ads… We do not currently directly generate any meaningful revenue from the use of Facebook mobile products, and our ability to do so successfully is unproven”.

In 2011 Facebook earned $3.71-billion (USD) in revenue, up from $1.97 billion in 2010. I just finished watching the Social Network (again) and wanted to see what Facebook was up to. It looks like they are getting a bit more serious about mobile – perhaps feeling the heat from analysts, potential investors – as a job posted has arrived on their site looking to fill the role of “Mobile User Interface Engineer”. The job description says they’re searching for someone who’s “interested in building mobile products that live in the pockets of hundreds of millions of people” and wants to push “the boundaries of native or mobile web development.”

More importantly, Facebook is getting ready “to implement the next generation of mobile Facebook products”. There are no other details listed, nor a date of when this posting went live, but the future employee will need to have experience in coding iOs and Android. Maybe re-designed apps are coming, laced with ads. Perhaps what Facebook really needs is some Canadian blood. Check it out at the link below.

Source: Facebook


  • Ian Hardy

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