Rogers launches the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE, $650 outright


  • gab = math wiz

    What a steal!

    • gab = math wiz

      sarcasm folks. sarcasm.

    • John

      I don’t think it’s too sarcastic…it’s totally a steal…Rogers stealing your money, again!!


    3 years term for $400???? Are you drugs, Rogers?

    • Theywillbepissed

      So lets break down the “value” you are paying for shall we? 650$ device (Less then several smartphones), on three contract is 400$, where as the note is 700$ outright and 200$ (on bell) on a 3 year. On top of this, tablet plans cost the same amount of money as phone plans, but include only marginally greater amounts of data, with no calling minutes, texting, on demand tv, or calling features. That’s is quite the business tactic you have got there Rogers.


    Buy it from TBOOTH you will get an extra $100 off of the outright or even when you buy it as a 3 years contract for $399 it will be $299 plus tax

    Cheaper than the other tablet in the market

    its a great device

  • TK

    How can they justify these prices when you can get an IPad for $549 outright…people setting these prices for android tablets need to find new jobs

    • bob

      Your $549 iPad is an iPad 2 and doesn’t have LTE, has an inferior display, inferior cameras, etc.

    • John

      @bob – yes it also has apps that are made for the form factor, no boot loop, no lag, a larger screen and an up-to-date OS. This tab is totally overpriced.

    • PkaTka

      @bob for $519 you can get the iPad 3. Checking the prices wouldn’t hurt, would it?

  • Andrew

    I just picked up a 10.1 for $99 on a 3 year.. who would pay 400 for this one?

  • gjac0m

    Tablet… Contract? 2 words combined that can’t make sense.

    • expat

      Right on! Who would buy a tablet with a phone contract? Ridiculous. It is not a phone.

  • Ryan

    Why is this shipping without Android 4.0?

  • jr67

    $650 would get you an LTE iPad with a vastly superior display (and bigger), better cameras and longer battery life. It’s funny that people say that Apple is over priced, yet here is Sammy with a markedly inferior product for the same money. Yay fandroids!

  • Jesso2k

    To be fair, nobody is excited about this.

  • SkyDome

    New LTE iPad with superior specs (and unlocked) is $650.

    Locked, inferior Samsung Android tablet not even running the latest version of OS for the same price.

    I guess this will be play the same as #Rogers1Number…

  • WhoCares

    Worth more than the new ipad? LOL!

  • cheenachatze

    Samsung can do much better, starting with an up-to-date OS.

  • Cell Hell

    How can a tablet with average tech and an outdated operating system cost so much?

  • Dyslexicpimp

    Soon as Blackberry PB starts getting access to the popular Android Apps, people will have the common sense to not overpay for standard fare like this.

  • vn33

    Did Samsung and/or Rogers execs were in a drinking binge before they set the price for this ??

    • RogersTroll

      Rogers isn’t interested in selling you the devices outright, thats why they overcharge. They want you to sign the contract.

      A BB9300 outright is $249 at Rogers whereas if you sign up on a month to month (no contract) it would cost you $99 to which you can cancel it right away (but we all know Uncle Rogers is hoping that you’ll remain).

  • Eluder

    Still cheaper than Bell’s 3 year pricing, so why all the hoopla here? Did people moan when Bell launched this product at their pricing or is it because it’s Rogers people must complain?

    • jr67

      @Eluder: this is a crappy price, whether from Rogers or Bell. Your attempt to make an excuse for Rogers by saying “Well, Bell is just as bad” is pretty pathetic.

      Your argument is similar to the abused wife that says “well, my friend’s husband beats her daily, while mine only beats me on weekends”. Get off the nutsack and get a life.

  • Are you stupid

    @john @jr67 how is a 9.7″ display bigger than and 10.1″?

    • jr67

      @Are you stupid
      Good question. WTF are you talking about? The article is about an 8.9″ Samsung and the iPad is 9.7″.

  • Mark

    Rogers, are you serious???

  • nsnap

    Rogers is on crack. I just got back from the US (DC) and it was $350 outright at Best Buy. Where the hell did they come up with this price?

    • bobby

      thats cause it doesnt have LTE capabilities

  • PkaTka

    And yet people say the iPad is an overpriced toy for blind iSheep…

  • risenenergy

    price is so ridiculous. rogers must be crazy. if I have $650, I can buy something else.

  • jr67

    Just saw that Bell is selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with ‘4G’ for $650 too. Shitty display, fake 4G, outdated 3.1 OS.

    But Apple is over priced. I think the fandroids need to go back and take some remedial math classes and perhaps a basic econ class.