Vlingo launches humorous ads to counter Siri (Video)


  • Gunnar

    Good idea, not that funny in its execution.

    • Boojay

      Here’s the problem with Vlingo. It’s called Vlingo.

      That said, it works 100 times better than Siri, but as does Google Voice Search.

  • greg

    these ads arent even remotely funny

  • PkaTka

    I dont see how the ad counters SIRI and the ad was mehh. I guess i didnt like because i dont like virtual assistance… i just dont like talking to my phone..

  • AWSguy

    To counter Siri and do better:

    1. Download “Speaktoit Assistant” from android market.

    2. Next, pay $6 and download Loquendo TTS Susan US English voice. (this is totally worth the $6)

    3. Now when you start Speaktoit, it will ask you to choose your text-to-speech. Select loquendo.

    Speaktoit is far better than siri and loquendo provides a voice with emotions. It sounds more human than the ghastly voice android (or iphone) comes with.

    • crimsona

      I actually prefer Ivona’s text to speech engine, especially English UK. It’s free for now too.

  • Albert

    @AWSguy I’m sorry you need to pay $6 to hear a human speak.

    • Yeria

      To use Siri, you need to pay $600+ or $200 with 3 year contract. If I had to choose one, I would choose $6 option hands down.

      I don’t care though because I wouldn’t use either.

    • PkaTka

      @Yeria to speak to Vlingo you have to spend what you said +$6, or if you go the android route you will be paying pretty much the same. Dont know what point you were trying to make.

  • Jatt Sober

    Vlingo was first launched for Symbian in 2007 (Nokia N95), so it has been there long before Siri was even in Apple womb 🙂

    • Zomby

      Siri was never in Apple’s womb, it was adopted.

  • RobotMan


    I’m sorry you have to pay $300 too much buy the same phone year after year.

    • PkaTka

      isnt that what you are currently paying?

  • jr67

    Nuance powers Siri. Nuance is in the process of buying VLingo. These ads will probably not live for very long.

    • Alpha

      Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking for iOS also uploads ALL of your contacts and a copy of ALL of your text messages to their server. All in the name of “better speech recognition”.

      Sorry, but I don’t need speech recognition bad enough to let Nuance know everything I’m doing and know who all my contacts are.

  • N9 in Canada

    Vlingo is also available for Symbian/Nokia OS.

  • Steven

    All I know about Vlingo is how annoyed I get when I accidentally press the home button twice in class on my Galaxy S2X. That’s lame.

    • Sub-Joker

      That’s why I didn’t keep the GSII i9100. the only one that doesn’t do that is the GSII LTE from Rogers.

    • AJ

      Learn to control your hand and not press the button twice… I’ve never had that problem.

  • Wardriver25

    I did have Vlingo on my $99 Public Mobile MAX, and it works great. Stopped using it because I don’t really need a virtual assistant, Handcent Messenger does the trick for what i do need. That being said, it definitely didn’t cost $600 and the service has yet to let me down.

    As for the commercials, they don’t really stand out. I think like a customer, not someone in marketing, but they really don’t sell the product to me.