Samsung Galaxy S III will sport quad-core Exynos processor, says company exec


  • Dalex

    So the current Exynos is already amazing, but this one will be more powerful and also more efficient? Ummm…. win?

    Announce the phone and let me send you money already!

    • sp

      lol my wallet is already in an enveloped addressed to samsung HQ

      cant wait for this beast to be announced and released

    • SAM

      YA SAMMIE!!
      OH THE NOTE!!!

  • Ramy Hany Ayash

    Cortex A9 quadcore…S4 still wins.

    • Dalex

      You assume the S4 is A15, but it isn’t, its almost A15. And we’ve yet to see any use of it in real life either. The S3 was amazing in benchmarks too, but it was terrible in devices however.

    • bob

      The S3 wasn’t amazing in benchmarks… it had a good CPU when released on devices such as the Nexus One. However, it failed to evolve much since then. Raise is clock speed to 1.2-1.5 GHz and increase of cores still makes it fine today.
      It’s the GPU that always sucked.

  • Andy

    Samsung will do what other’s have not. LTE & Quadcore in one device. Case in point, HTC One X. Their dual core is LTE, and their quadcore is HSPA+.

    We can all guarantee that the new iPhone 5 will be LTE…and revalations hit….now.

  • shoo

    so correct me if I’m wrong but is this the hierarchy of nextgen chipsets?

    >—-performance —->
    Tegra3 < TI-OMAP < Snapdragon S4 < Exynos

    • bob

      you are wrong since no one knows yet

  • Patrick

    Thumbs up if y’all like the magic that Samsung Galaxy brings to the table!

  • Marc

    Alright, the first part of the Galaxy S3 puzzle is here. Arguably the most important piece too. I like what I’m reading.

  • uranus

    I want it. Now. But the ultimate test is whether it will last a day with heavy lte & GPS usage.

  • Astralmind

    I sure hope they pack a decent battery size to help out! I’m a little weary of reading all those claims about it being extremely thin.

    Besides that, there is not reason why this shouldn’t be a clear winner. Samsung has not disapointed with their Galaxy line since they introduced the first S which I am still happily using, running ICS flawlessly.

  • crimsona

    Anybody with an Android phone will typically see their display taking most of the …the CPU isn’t really a big concern

  • Dalex

    Let’s hope for a Super Amoled Plus HD display to go with this and a 2000+ mAH battery that they will somehow magically fit in that 7mm thin frame. Also I hope the ceramic construction reports are also accurate.

  • EmperumanV

    If the gpu is quadcore then its a big win for Samsung alongside the quad core Exynos.

    • bob

      even the galaxy s2 GPU was quad core… no big win here…

  • Android phan

    3000 mah us the minimum battery size needed to attract any attention. The razr maxx set the standard.

  • Baconeater

    So who is going to show up the Apple clan and start lining up now for this? :p

  • nivek

    We need a cortex A15 not a A9. When the new batch of phones in 2nd half of 2012 comes out, they will most probably have A15 chips. Please make it a pentaband world phone, no more multiple versions which slow down updates for everyone.

  • Sub-Joker

    It’s nice that manufacturers are focusing on the SoC performance and efficiency. But I think some attention should be given to the screen efficiency. Looking at my battery stats each time shows me the display is the biggest draining part. Not Android OS (actually, I feel ICS is more power efficient that Gingerbread), not anything else….

    • Amanda

      the S III is probably going to have a newer generation of almod plus that is a 30% even more efficient then the current amoled plus on the S II. I believe super almod is like 5 times more efficient than any LCD technology that requires some form of back lighting.

  • JGF

    android needs 4 cores to drive its horrible ui true story