BlackBerry 7.1 updates: Mobilicity Curve 9360, Bell Torch 9860 and 9810


  • Bobby Beckoner

    Just die RIM. Just die.

  • Torch9810MobiUser

    Bobby? Can you die please? Jump in front of a moving truck on the freeway please? K, thanx, bye!

    • Blah blah blah

      overly patriotic guy clinging to the the rim bandwagon because he thinks every Canadian company needs to succeeded despite how much of a downright horrible job they’ve done over the last few years, can you die as well?

  • Jim

    RIM should have gone on March break. Permanently.

  • Ivan

    Granted RIM is not the bleeding edge of tech. Find me 3 android companies that update all (and I mean all phones) of their phones in as timely a way. Perhaps our overly patriotic iTard posters above would like to follow their own advise.

  • OverpricedNokias

    If they put two engineers to update OS 7.x its just something they can’t afford. They should put the receptionist and security guards to write code for BB10 !
    RIM just doesn’t get it!
    11 days for Q4 report! like it or not its going to be a reality touch for shareholders and no ammount of “leapfrogging” will keep the stock above $13.
    They better get on working on the next Buzz word, that and Rumours is the only thing they seem to make these days.

  • OverpricedNokias

    ONE weekend of sales of a minorly-updated ipad Equals TWO TIMES ALL playbooks EVER MADE!

    …And they release an update to OS 7 and you are not able to BUY a BB10 phone until the first week of October??