Google donates $900k to University of Waterloo to research “context-aware mobile social networking”

Google unveiled their new 34,000-square-foot digs in Kitchener, Ontario today. This office, which currently has about 200 engineers, comes with the usual Google perks as free chef services, outdoor patio, gym and a slide. Google has been present in the Kitchener-Waterloo area since 2005 but this new location and employees will play a big part in continuing to develop Google’s advertising, mobile apps and Google Chrome initiatives. To show their commitment to the area Google is handing over $900,000 in cash over 3-years to the University of Waterloo for research into “context-aware mobile social networking”.

Google’s Engineering Director and Site Lead, Steven Woods stated that “This facility was co-designed by the engineers and the other people that work here with the architects…It’s a combination of utility (and) a fun place to come…The intent is to make it possible for people to do great things, to have fun doing it and to enjoy their environment.”

Source: 570
Image: Globe