Just got The New iPad? Here are 10 Retina-ready apps for you to try

So, today is the big iPad launch day, and what better way to celebrate that gorgeous new screen and quad-core processor than with some fantastic Retina-ready apps? These are apps that have been updated to support the new 2048×1536 pixel display, and also happen to be some of our favourites, too.

1) Kindle (free)

It may not be our Canadian favourite Kobo, but Kindle for iPad has been updated with a brand new look for the library section and support for Retina text. What better way to celebrate a $500 purchase than reading your favourite $10 book?

2) Tweetbot for iPad ($2.99)

Our favourite Twitter client was recently brought to the iPad recently, and even without Retina graphics the app worked like a dream. It has been updated to support Apple’s new Retina display, and is all the better for it.

3) Evernote (free)

The popular and useful note-taking/productivity tool has been Retina-optimized, but even before that it was one of the best tablet apps available to stay organized. Best with a Bluetooth keyboard.

4) NYTimes for iPad (free)

The excellent newspaper app has been beautified for the new iPad, but already presented its content in one of the most pleasant user interfaces on a tablet. The free version gives you the front page and some breaking news, while the whole newspaper will cost you a monthly subscription.

5) Infinity Blade 2 ($6.99)

Already the best-looking game for the iPad, the sequel to one of the most popular mobile games ever has been given the Retina treatment. Textures look great, animations are smooth and game mechanics still sort of lame. But as a demo for the new high-res screen, you can’t get much better than this. Just be patient while the 800MB+ file downloads.

6) Reeder for iPad ($4.99)

Possibly the most attractive RSS reader for the iPad (and any mobile platform), Reeder offers built-in Readability support, an easy-to-navigate gesture-friendly UI and excellent speeds.

7) Flight Control Rocket ($0.99)

One of the first games designed around the new Retina display for both iPad and iPhone 4S, Flight Control Rocket is a follow-up to the excellent Flight Control HD and an easy-to-play-hard-to-master puzzle/action game easily worth the dollar. Just beware the emphasis on in-app purchases.

8 ) iA Writer ($0.99)

One of the best ways to write on the iPad. Updated with crisp Retina text, the sparse interface brings a blank page with no distractions, it comes with iCloud and Dropbox integration. Perfect for budding novelists and bloggers alike.

9) Real Racing HD 2 ($2.99)

The original AirPlay Mirror-supporting racing game, Real Racing HD 2 has been beautified, crispified and overall better-fied with Retina support and 4x anti-aliasing. It also has one of the best multiplayer experiences on the iPad, something that is lacking in a lot of other action games on the platform.

10) Diamond Dash (free)

Finally, a puzzle game doesn’t seem like an obvious choice for Retina graphics, but we’ll take it where we can get it. The game is a bit like Bejeweled, but relies on in-app purchases, or referrals, to keep you playing. If it wasn’t for the fact that Diamond Dash is beyond addictive, this wouldn’t be a recommendation, but it is. So try it.

Apple has also a separate section in the App Store with links to 24 Retina-ready apps. What are some of your favourite iPad apps? Let us know in the comments.