Custom ROMantics: HTC Sensation S4X with Android 4.0.3 and Sense 4.0 (Video)


  • Max

    I’m running the same ROM on my EVO 3D and its works quite good. HTC finally seems to have their s**t together with Sense 4.0, and I can’t wait for the One X to launch.

    • 4

      here’s right the warranty service for android products are generally crappy. When I sent in my phone for repairs I had to wait 4 weeks… i guess we pay less for your phone than for the iP so we get what we deserve. I kinda wish the warranty support was a bit better.

    • 4

      my comment was supposed to go below. sry, clicked the wrong button.

  • Nauman

    I will never buy a HTC product again, they have by far the worst support. I sent in a phone for the front facing camera not working, and they play the physical damage card and say the usb port is damaged so I have to pay 200 to fix that before they even look at the camera. I voiced my displeasure and was told to call HTC customer service and they say they can’t help me because I am in Canada.

    What a bunch of BS, and when they send me a picture of the damage he usb port is intact, but the plastic around one of the pins seems melted, any other company would fix the issue since it wasn’t caused by negligence.

    • 0defaced


      stop whining. if something you have done has caused physical damage NO ONE will look at your phone.

    • Nascar39

      Going through the same problem with HTC. Been fighting with them about my Incredible S having random micro SD unmounts, random reboots for over two months now. On Friday my phone would not even turn on, won’t charge, my computer won’t even recognize the device when plugged in via USB. Called HTC explained the problem again, now I have to wait 3 business days for a repair facility in Canada to contact me, I was told by HTC I could be without the phone for up to 12 weeks. Was a great phone when it worked but the warranty process has really turned me off of HTC phones.

  • Dandroid

    Love the name, Daniel! Brilliant

  • jon_d0e

    apple is no better. The speaker on the iphone stopped working. They made me book an appointment with the genius bar (can you believe that?! i wait for no one) It took the tech support guy over 30 min to realize its an issue he couldnt fix, so he gave me a new replacement phone…. terrible service. i had to wait 2-3 hours to get my new phone. Next phone will be from a taiwanese or korean company theyre known for superior customer support.

  • Nauman

    Please tell me how I would have caused the plastic in the USB port to melt.

    My friend had his USB port completely bend on his Playbook and it was repaired and returned to him.

    The repair facility Futuretel first told me the mainboard was damaged by me, upon questioning how I would do that if I never even opened the phone, they said oh the USB port is damaged and the whole mainboard needs to be replaced to fix it.

    Everyone has their own bad experiences with companies, but this one has driven me away from HTC.

    Since my phone is unlocked, I had to send it to the repair facility on my own, I emailed them and asked about their policy, they said to mail the phone in. I send it in, and then the day they recieved it apparently the policy changed and they only take phones from the carriers and send my phone back. Then I had to open a case with HTC again and then Futuretel agreed to repair the phone.

  • zzZZzz

    I guess it’s just me never had an issue with my 2 Legends (first one got stolen) and my current Sensation.

    But on topic, I’ve tried the ROM, it’s still lacking greatly and not good enough for daily use. By the time they make it on par with the Sense 3.6 ones on the (XDA) market we’ll have the One S out which will provide an ideal firmware to work with (since it’s the same resolution and almost same hardware).

    If others are thinking of flashing this, go ahead if you’re curious about Sense 4.0 (it IS good), but keep in mind that it’s still very buggy.