Microsoft and Nokia unify Bing Maps and Nokia Maps for mobile


  • Sarah Martinez

    RIM maps are really good. I like the BB9900 and find that the maps are sooooo easy to use and intuitive.

    Playbook does a really good job with maps as well.

    • Techbig

      All blackberry devices running BB7 use bing maps. The playbook uses bing maps too.

  • Andrey

    Fantastic. i will not need a dataplan soon. Thanks Nokia

  • Alex

    As a hardcore N8 user I hate this! I never liked Bing Maps because I didn’t like the muted colour scheme, and how the writing and map itself are so pale. At the same time, they have a bad habit of having the names of neighbourhoods sort of just floating over a neighbourhood.

    Bing would’ve been further ahead taking Nokia’s style.

  • Daniel AJ

    What Mr. Elrop fails to comprehend is that there are a lot of people out there who do not WANT to use Microsoft products. They used to be a very loyal Nokia smartphone clientel.

  • WhoCares

    Agree with Daniel. Love Nokia but I’m not sure about WP7. Android juat doesn’t cut it for me.

    • Andy c

      I was on android before I decided to give wp7 a try. I traded my android for a wp7 device on kijiji and figured worse case if I hated wp7 I would just trade back. That was 8 months ago and now I’m eyeing the lumia 900

  • RD

    I have a Windows Phone, and F**k Bing.

  • stylinred

    bing maps was always powered by navteq (nokia)

    this new “improved” maps makes it impossible to discern… its like they gave us a colouring book but no way to colour it in