Nokia shows off the Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” Nokia Lumia 800, limited to 40 and soon to hit eBay


  • bob

    even with a batman logo a crappy phone still sucks

    • Malevolent

      Use it as a batarang?

  • kenypowa

    I think….young people are baffled by Nokia and fed up with Microsoft.

  • Question

    Phone looks awesome, but I will wait for the Nokia Lumia 900 it has a FFC 4.3 inch screen and its an upgrade over the Lumia 800

  • Al

    Will mobilesyrup get their hands on one for a contest? 😉

  • John

    Its not the phone we deserve, but the one we needed.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    will that work on wind?

    hahahhahhaha oh that hurt was so funny!

  • Rocco Readi-Stiffy

    When it is able to beat the iPhone or an Android phone, then yes maybe we would want it on Wind. Until then, we have plenty of other choices to select from (though it is a nice looking phone with a nice UI).

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      plenty of choices? wow really? last time I looked you had very few. Limited phones, limited coverage, terrible customer service, out sourced contracted the owner is crying how hard it is in Canada for him to make a buck. 2 billion in the hole and still no profits.. come on.. just be a man and admit it. Wind is having a hard time to prove its value. Look at the countless complaints on the wind forum.. sorry to say it but it does not look good at all. Pink slips.. call centers gone. so now anytime you call you get India or Egypt. Now thats a great way to keep the money here in Canada. Did jabroni say it was about the thousands of jobs he was fighting for? seems like they are now just ashes in the wind.

  • bane

    Rocco, just like on the Wind forums, you’re a fucktard. Troll on, moron.

  • JasonStatham

    @bob You commented on EVERY article that has to do with the Lumia. We get it, you don’t like it, please have a life.

  • Cellfreak

    Wind is Useless. also: Batman sucks.