LG officially announces the Optimus Vu, comes with a “Rubberdium pen”


  • shaggyskunk

    ” Rubberdium” ? Really?? Too bad they didn’t choose something like Opti-Stylus…. they can call me..
    Rubberdium…..sounds like you daily condom allowance.

    • WP74Life

      Narotak have 2 thumps.
      You are lucky man, Wish I had 2 thumps.

  • Mattymo

    Great specs, but it is one of the ugliest phones I have seen.

    • SAM


    • Narotak

      @SAM I love you. You are an android user at its finnest lol. Every time there’s a ios vs android flamewar, the ios guys just bring you up and win the flamewar every time.

      If you like my post, thumps down.

  • Jay Jay

    This certainly won’t be winning any beauty contests anytime soon! The Galaxy Note is by far the better choice….

  • Claudiu

    If that is a phone then I am Jesus. I wonder when will they stop increasing the screen size, when they will reach to 10″ and realize that is a laptop already?

  • Reggie Noble

    I’m gonna have to buy jeans with bigger pockets now… Dammit.

  • jellmoo

    Do we really need more entries in “oversized novelty phone” market? Doesn’t the Note cover that ridiculous spectrum sufficiently? Honestly, when the overwhelming majority of the population cannot operate the device one handed, it is no longer a phone. That thing is almost as big as that girl’s head!

  • Faber

    Why would anybody buy this? It has the exact same specs as the note but with a retarded aspect ratio

  • Matt

    Great for media lovers with a 4:3 ratio? Are they high?

  • Jay

    That thing is hideous!

  • Darknight2ca

    WOW!! LG can you say COPY MUCH?! right after the release of the Samsung Note..

  • seant

    I am in the market for one of these super(size) phones with my club fingertips and heavy video use. I like the stylus for fine screen work and keeping the screen clean. I just don’t want to settle for a dual core with all the quads coming out. Might have to break down though eventually. We’ll see how cheap the big boys get over the next while.

  • Dexter

    Cool. One more thing you can’t leave out because of the risk it could fall and crush your child.

  • montrealer

    I think the compagnies are forgetting thats its supposed to be a MOBILE phone. They keep increasing the size of these phones.

  • koko


  • Aitwith

    Interesting phone, but what’s with the crap resolution? seriously not even 720p capable? Jokes. JOKES.

  • Terry

    The girl is prettier than the phone haha

  • Boris V

    Some Company’s just dont get it. They add too much spec’s and features, but the quality and the content is not there.

    Look at what happened to all those ipod killers

  • Mark

    Galaxy Note>Vu, I think that’s been decided already though ^

  • Brandon

    Thats the ugliest device I’ve ever seen. Look how square it is. Just.. no.

  • Max

    The design of the phone itself is very sleek (I like the edges), but the aspect ratio makes no sense! Looks like a small 4:3 TV rather than a smaller tablet.

  • tbv

    Reviewers and the companies have to stop referring to these devices as phones. They are clearly not meant to be a phone replacement (hence the damn size and stylus). Anyone with any logic can see that. I suppose mini-tablet would make more sense. Of course if you have some kinnda feakily large hands you COULD use it as a phone…but really why?

  • Darknight2ca

    one more thing.. if your going to promote the ugly phone theres atleast half a million other korean girls that look 100000000000000000x than that one.. for god sake..

    if the phone is ugly dont use an ugly girl..