Update: WIND Mobile to release the HTC Radar on February 22nd for $399 outright


  • fanel

    That’s quite expensive. No way this phone is worth 150 bucks above the Nokia 710.

  • ruaman

    Finally!!! A W7 phone on WIND. 🙂

  • JustAnotherDan

    I’m surprised that it’s $30 more than SaskTel.

  • Faber

    Nokia lumia has faster processor, better screen, an equivalent if not better camera and nokia software services for only $250. Much better deal.

  • jon

    Lumia also has the advantage of being compatible with other carriers in case you want to switch carriers or get better re-sale value.

  • D Kupiec

    The fair price for this phone should be around $349.99. Lately, some of Wind’s pricing is leaning towards the big three.

  • Nadim

    Over priced compared to the Lumia 710. I guess Wind needs people on Wind Tab +

  • Alex Perrier

    Where did Syrup get the release dates price points from anyway? Go in the search bar on WIND’s website and the HTC Radar is currently $1000 anyway.

    i want this on regular WINDtab, not +, so WIND needs to take it easy on the pricing.

    • T1MB1T

      Alex no one likes you. Not on my wind forum not here. Why not just leave. You are a pathetic ambassador for wind. All you do is complain my mom won’t buy me this my dad thinks I am queer.. who cares!

    • T1MB1T

      You just said you were with chatr on the wind forums and now you pretend to be on wind? I should slap the taste of kool air out your big mouth for that! HOW dare you do that!

      You are never going to be accepted as one of us!

  • Nadim

    Your better of buying the Lumia 710 and slicing your sim card.

    • T1MB1T

      Nadim, sounds like a towel head, why are you telling people to support robbers buy only from wind, support those with the most megga hurts! Listen as the founding member of the no gag reflex club take it from me.. wind is the best!

    • ile2010

      Rogers isn’t making any money off the 710 at that price point. Buying it from them and taking it to Wind doesn’t support them one bit. Plus, the price of the HTC is HTC’s own doing. I’m happy with my 710 on Wind.

  • Times

    Ok now that is rather disappointing. Looks like I will pick up a Nokia 710 and trim my Wind Sim. There is no way this phone is worth $400 when you have the Nokia for $255. In the US it’s ok to sell at that price as the Nokia 710 in the US is $350.

    I was really hoping Wind would get the Nokia 710 as well, but I’m guessing there would have been no way to match Roger’s price. Nonetheless, glad to see Wind bringing in Windows Phones.

  • waiting for 3300 mAh battery

    I’d wait a few Weeks for the price to come down. The radar has a bigger battery than the lumia 710.

  • WP7 Advocate

    The Radar has a much more long lasting battery than the Lumia, as well as the front facing camera. The .4Ghz in clock speed won’t make that much difference as they’re both using an Adreno 205.

  • Tracker

    Wind has no choice but to sell this phone at this price as that’s what it’s going for in the US and everywhere else. And just like another poster said, the Nokia 710 is going for $350 in the states. So the $50 difference is worth it. But here in Canada, Rogers’ is somehow able to sell this phone at the ridiculous price of $255. Now of course there is always the Wind Tab price of $99. In any case, I hope to see a high end Windows Phone on Wind soon. Nokia 900 please? Or maybe the new Samsung Mendel??? Please oh please.

    • Big red machine

      No choice? Your on crack. they but it for much less, no need to pay for a warranty. I have read posts from someone saying there was no warranty on wind phones so I called in. There is none. You are told to speak to the carrier. So how is wind selling it at full pop? Money grab. WTF is megga hurts??!

  • Beso

    so is that $40 plan only good for this phone or any phone

    and whats is that new $40 plan called

    • Radar

      I was told today in their store you can get the current $40 plan with any phone.

  • Big red machine

    I rather use my Iphone on Wind. Oh wait it will not work. I thought they were a real carrier.. LTE? no not that either?

    look at the wind forums. 1 solid page of complaints! And wind lets the same losers run the show. So much for wind making a difference. Now that Mobli is getting more and more subs when are THEY gonna buy wind. 1 thing for sure they will run it better!

    • Radar

      The problem is in your iPhone – the phone does not support LTE and AWS – use a better phone. Mobi is a downtown solution only – no network coverage and garbage stores.

    • Big red machine

      Radar what does LTE have to do with wind. On the wind site they have said they will not go to lte. AWS is where they are stuck. I was not being serious. Of course the iphone will not work on aws. now enough subs on that frequency. Mobli is working just fine for what it is. They have carved out a market and keep it running well. I was just at a wind location tonight. I saw all the others busy except them. I waked up and watched as they just would just ignore the ringing phones and keep on chatting to friends. Wind could be something if they just would get serious. Have you been their forum? the i diots are running the forum people will ask questions and they are branded a troll or a street walker. is this is wind I can see now why the last owner sold out.

  • pats

    for 20 bucks less you can get the lg optimus 2x…. 8mp camera, dual core processor..

    • forgo

      Please, don’t even talk about the o2x..

    • Rogido

      …or, $100 LESS will get you the Nexus S from Mobi…

  • Tony

    Personally I have to say I’d stick with the Radar because MMS should work on the phone. Which begs the question why won’t my HTC HD7 get MMS on Wind I got the T-Mobile version and MMS won’t work. Why is there no MMS settings in Windows Phone? Well I’m still sticking with the HD7 but if MMS is an issue for you I wouldn’t go with the Lumia 710 unless MMS works on Wind Mobile.

  • Nadim

    MMS works fine on Lumia 710 if you just download the Nokia Network Setup App.

  • Jam-ehz

    Actually HTC also has the equivalent of the Nokia setup app.

    In the Marketplace, under HTC Apps, there is Connection Setup. Run this, and it’ll then set up your MMS settings based on the carrier chosen.

    This apparently will work with all HTC WP7 models, including the HD7 and Radar for AWS networks.