Otterbox “Livestrong” Commuter case for iPhone 4S review

When we reviewed the Otterbox Commuter case for the iPhone 4S, we loved most things about it, but in some ways it lacked the aesthetic panache of many of its competitors.

Radio Shack (in the U.S.), Otterbox and LIVESTRONG, part of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, have partnered to release a Special Edition Commuter case for the iPhone 4S, and besides having all the pros of its namesake, it improves upon it in a number of ways.

Firstly, the oft-maligned “vanity hole” that showcases the Apple logo is gone in favour of a smooth and unbroken black backing, replete with a tasteful vertical Livestrong logo. The polycarbonate shell, which goes over a soft and flexible silicone “glove” has a more matte texture, and is less rough than the original.

The camera hole is also a bit smaller and tighter, and overall the case feels less bulky than other Commuter cases. Thankfully, the fundamentals haven’t changed: easily-pressed soft nubs cover the power and volume buttons, and the front edge extends just past the screen to prevent scratches to the glass when dropped. As usual, the kit comes with a dry-apply screen protector and a soft cleaning cloth.

This is easily one of my favourite iPhone cases, and goes to show how Otterbox is listening to its customers and changing up the design of its popular cases for the better.

While the Livestrong edition of the Otterbox Commuter is not for sale in Canada, it can be obtained from the company’s website, and in Radioshack stores across the U.S for $34.95.