Nexus S gets official MIUI ROM based on Android 4.0


  • Domingo

    Would be nice if there was an easy way to root etc. I’m so sick and tired of all these horse crap so called “one click” roots that take 75 clicks in reality and no explanations when things don’t go exactly as they say. Amazing how these guys can create this stuff but can’t figure out how to make a half decent tutorial. Jailbreaking an Iphone for eg. is a joke compared to rooting imo.

  • mark

    It’s funny how it tooks myself 5 times to jailbreak a iPod compared to how I jailbreak my Nexus S in less than an hour with the help of xda-devs and not with a “one click root”.

    • howitzer

      Android is no jail

  • Damien

    MIUI us usually rooted off the bat, but to root any nexus phone, it is easy to do without any tools, use fastboot to unlock the bootloader, restart with clockwork mod, and install the root image…

  • Andrew

    Nice to know my Nexus S isn’t obsolete yet : )

  • MrMastodonFarm

    The Nexus S won’t be obsolete for a while. It’s a fantastic phone and despite coming out a year ago it seems to just be hitting it’s stride, I can see myself getting atleast two more years out of it, easily. The ICS update has made it entirely new.

  • MichaelK

    I was thinking about getting a Nexus S tomorrow just because I’m totally over my stupid Blackberry. Although I would like to get a GS2 or the Galaxy Nexus, I can’t justify the steep price without contract (can’t go on contract because I travel to the US every few months for extended periods for school). I’m a little apprehensive though because I want it to last me at least 1-2 years, you guys think it will be able to to handle decent browsing/apps for the next little while, or will it be slow and laggy. I’m buying it brand new for around $250, are are any other better options at this price point ? Thanks guys.

  • MrMastodonFarm

    MichaelK, do it, do it without an hesitation.

    250 isn’t steep at all for a phone like the Nexus S, and as someone who was a Blackberry user for many years (then iPhone) the distance between the Nexus S and a Blackberry is another universe.

    It will last you a year, easily, and I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest two either.

  • seant

    Hmmmm… The developed in China aspect has me a bit nervous. Is there maybe a chance that the Chinese govt has gotten code put in the build to help them with their espionage they are known to do?

    Food for thought. Crazier things have happened.

    • Gab

      The chinese are probably on now “Yo is this Cynogenmod thing safe? Is there a chance that the american government is putting something like CarrierIQ on our phones?”

    • lolyourefunny

      hahaha LOL.

    • youreanidiot

      @seant: Every government (including our own) are involved in espionage you ignorant fool.

  • brent M

    unfortunately i have to dissagree with you guys about the nexus S not being obsolete.

    I just got my 4.0 update and the phone is basically not usable any more. The ui is extremely slow and laggy, it takes 2 seconds after tapping on anything for it to register.

    Is there anyway i can revert to gingerbread?

    • Domingo

      Well that’s great news, I’m sure they won’t hesitate to release it right away in keeping with the half assed job most of these companies do in releasing crap that isn’t ready.

  • KC

    The UI looks like the bastard offspring of Harmatten and Touchwiz which seems somehow ironic since Samsung has picked up the slack Nokia left with Intel and MeeGo is now Tizen.