A couple Android apps with big download numbers: Skitch hits 3 million, Any.do has 500,000 in 30 days

Android is often the beleaguered guest of iOS app castoffs, but a couple companies are trying to change that by launching on Google’s platform first, and they’re making some serious headway.

Earlier today Evernote announced that the Android app for newly-acquired Skitch hit 3 million downloads in just over 100 days, which equates to about 1.5 downloads per second. The app allows you edit, annotate and play with photos and screenshots taken with your device, and debuted on the OS X platform before the company was bought by Evernote. While the app is coming “soon” to iOS, it is mainly focused on iterating and improving the Android app.

Another Android-only app that has been a run-away success is Any.do, which announced today that it has been downloaded 500,000 times in 30 days. The task editor is one of the most beautifully-designed Android apps and is featured in our Five Design-Focused Android apps.

So many users are frustrated that mobile developers focus on monetizing iOS apps rather than spread the love around to other platforms. While there has been talk that Android is a difficult OS to make money from, it seems that by virtue of its huge install base there is definitely revenue potential, at least through advertising. Google has to nail down the app store experience, which it is constantly improving, as well as bringing value to consumers in the Android space: most paid apps are of inferior quality to their iOS counterparts.

Either way, these two Android app successes outlines how valuable having a multi-platform approach can be, and that Android, for better or worse, is here to stay.

Download Skitch and Any.do from the Android Marketplace if you haven’t already.

Source: Techcrunch (2)