Toshiba Thrive 7-inch tablet hits Canadian soil, now available for $370


  • Alex Perrier

    BlackBerry, as well as Amazon and Kobo, set the standard with its $200 PlayBook. Anything more is difficult to convince me to buy. :S

    • Tom

      @Alex – I can’t agree.

      Amazon & B&N sound good but not in Canada.

      Kobo Vox got very bad reviews (see the MobileSyrup review).

      The BB is in some ways the best of this lot, but hard to find at $200, no apps yet, and I’m starting to feel nervous about its future.

      I think the Thrive 7 sounds like a good option.

  • Berto

    I’m sure during Boxing Day this will drop to about 300. Not sure about the others but the screen resolution here is what sets it apart from the 200 club.

  • choy

    got a chance to play around with an acer iconia at futureshop and its pretty impressive and cheap. its even cheaper in the states at 220 bucks i think.

    • Justin

      I played the acer iconia tab A100, bought it for a friends son, AMAZING tablet, and it only cost $180 when i was in the states for Black Friday,

  • Beso

    no thanks I will wait for the transformer prime! Tegra 3 baby!

  • Croak

    Just wish this had an OMAP or even Snapdragon, I’d be at FS today picking one up. But as a Xoom then Transformer then Tab 10.1 owner, I will NEVER own another Nvidia-powered tablet.

    Tegra 3 is a Frankenstein monster with the only advantage being that it’s first to market. 32nm A15 DUAL cores coming out in the next few months will blow it out of the water on performance, cost and power conservation, let alone the A15 Quads coming down the pike later.

  • Jim R

    If you’re looking for bang-for-the-buck …..

    Le Pan TC-970 (yeah, “Le what?”). 9.7in Android 2.2 (I know …) tablet for $199 at

    I got one recently when it was on sale for $169, and for the price, I couldn’t be happier.

    Now if the fine folks at XDA can see themselves to getting it rom-able, then we’re cooking with oil.

    • Geeforson

      Don’t the Le Pan tablets have terrible TN displays and poor touch sensitivity?

    • Jim R

      @Geeforson – I have no issues with my TC-970 re display or touch sensitivity (or wifi or freezing). This is my first tablet, so perhaps I’m just not that discerning (I have had an iPad on loan, which, of course, is smother). However, if you look at it from the point of value-for-cost, I really can’t see how one can quibble.

      FWIW, the review ratings on newegg and are, on average, good. For some reason the review ratings are less, but still positive on average.

  • Slype

    Hey Jim,

    Cook with gas, it’s even better! Btw, you were right, I did a “Le what?” in my head when I saw the Le Pan product name.

    Thanks for the info though.