Box undergoes iOS revamp, brings improved performance to cloud storage solution

Box is hitting the end user space hard with its 50GB promotion for Sony Ericsson and LG Android devices, and now it has revamped its iOS app for those users who subscribe in the Apple universe. Though the 50GB promotion has ended for the iPhone and iPad, the app itself has received a huge update, integrating more robustly with the built-in camera, as well as allowing for offline storage of select folders and files.

The UI has received a needed overhaul, and you can now see updates made to your locker from other platforms. Box, like its competitor Dropbox, is available on most operating systems, including Android (phones and tablets), iOS (iPhone and iPad), and BlackBerry (phones and Playbook), along with Windows and OS X clients. While it’s less a sync solution and more a brute force storage locker, the service is constantly adding features, and this iOS update is the first of many, according to the company.

Other notable features include full text search and photo/video uploads.

Check out the new app in the iOS App Store.

Source: Box Blog
Via: The Verge