Samsung Galaxy Nexus officially available from Bell and Virgin Mobile


  • Steve Dion

    First! I am going shopping! Merry XMas to me!

  • Dave

    Nice phone but nothing like the iPhone 4 🙂

    • AL

      It is sad to hear people talking like this. It reminds me of fanatic member of a church were they think what they are told.

    • Zomby

      Thank God for that!

  • MW

    Woohoo! It’s finally here. Merry xmas to all the new soon to be g-nex owners.

  • Richard P

    Picked up mine yesterday from Bell. I was very pleasantly surprised to find it comes factory unlocked and without any bloatware.

    And the Galaxy Nexus is just as awesome as I hoped it would be!

  • Mark

    Heard people were having problems picking this up without a contract yesterday in Toronto. Anyone able to get one today? Where?

    • Brian

      I picked one up at the Virgin store with a 30 day plan yesterday. That’s the least they would do for me but I kind of expected it going in. That being said, as I was being checked out, I heard another customer ask a Virgin employee in a suit (must’ve been a manager) and he said that you couldn’t get it early without a contract. Luckily, the girl helping me didn’t hear/care and I walked out a few minutes later.

      It’s a fantastic phone. I love it. Good luck to everyone.

    • Joe Lee

      Pick one up last night from Costco (Ontario). I told them outright I am going to use a Rogers Pay-As-You-Go Sim, so they recommended to go for the cheapest month to month voice only plan. That is $30 / month plus $35 activation fee. Currently Bell will wavie the first month and I managed to talk them out of the 35 activation fee. Thus I managed to get the phone at $650. I just need to remember to cancel the plan at the end of the first month. The phone is unlocked, and the splash screen is Google, not Bell and works without a hitch with the Pay-As-You-go Sim on voice. Have not add a Data Plan yet.

  • Richard

    I picked mine up yesterday from Bell without a contract. I tried Virgin first but they said contracts only on the first day.

    Im happy to report the Bell Galaxy Nexus comes factory unlocked and without bloatware!

    Galaxy Nexus is as awesome as I hoped it would be!

  • XER

    I like the phone but don’t like the evilness of Bell and its child.

  • Jack

    not LTE, not for me!

  • Heh

    Honestly as sad as I am that Rogers hasn’t gotten it yet…the fact that Canada is getting it before other major countries *coughUScough* totally makes up for it!!! 🙂

  • Tania N

    Honestly even though I’m really sad that I have to wait till January to get this from Rogers, the fact that other major countries *coughUScough* are getting it after Canada, totally makes up for it!!! 🙂 😛

  • djino


  • Anthony Z.

    I;m going to try to buy this without a contract today, but if I can’t I’m happy enough to pay for a 30 day plan for the ability to get it today.

    • Brian

      I had to get a 30 day $50 minimum plan with mine. Total price came to $734.49 (ish) + the $50+tax plan but they haven’t charged me for that yet. There didn’t appear to be an activation fee.

      Just to alleviate any concerns, it is unlocked. I threw in my Rogers SIM and it works like a charm.

  • flagg

    Patiently waiting. We’ll be together soon…

    • Kardi

      LOL @ flagg.

  • chasiu

    really annoying to have to get at least a 30day contract to buy the phone outright. $20 (from virgin) isn’t horrible though, i suppose.

    • hd1

      Actually Virgin is going to make people get at least the $50/month plan to get the phone outright.

    • Brian

      hd1 is correct…$50 minimum plan.

    • chasiu

      it looks like you can order the nexus and a $20 plan online. you’d have to wait for shipping, but you save $30(+tax).

  • Preacher

    if its start of Jan on rogers or telus ill be ok, but if they say January, meaning march i might have to cave in and switch over to my new Bell overlord

  • TheTigerTek

    I went to Futureshop to get a hands on look of the thing. I was kind of disapointed.. For once its huge 4.6″ Screen is just too big.. I know there no buttons so its more like a 4.3″, also like all other Samsung phones the thing is very plasticy. I was really looking forward to this phone. I’m going to skip this one. ICS looks great tho. I might just wait it out till the next gen BlackBerry 10 QNX based phones come out.

  • JL

    Ditto for the Bell’s GN. I have the Nexus two days ago from the virtual twitter lineup thing, have a 3 yrs contract (damn) and the Bell Galaxy Nexus handset is unlocked. [tested with Rogers SIM]

  • trini

    Did any one get a 32gig unit of the galaxy nexus?

    • hd1

      32GB is only on the LTE model which won’t be coming to Canada for about a million years. People are saying that even when Rogers gets the GN in January, it will still be this same HSPA+ version.

  • tony

    looks good but waiting for sgs3.

  • Pranoid

    I bought it yesterday from my local Bell store (in Quebec). I had to show my ID card (to confirm that I’m already a client from Bell) to let them sell me the phone without a 3 years contract! The phone is very nice! ICS is awesome!!

  • elnad

    Still waiting for a 1280×720 4″ screen, a dual Exynos (or faster, more efficient if Exynos are outdated) and a better camera. I can wait months so it will surely become reality some day. Or if iPhone 5 is 4 inchs, I will probably continue with Apple product. If not, I will be going with Android.

    Oh yeah, and not from Bell. I hate them too much to be with them for 36 months.

  • n00b2000

    Ah, the tragedies of living in Manitoba…

  • serpico

    Any idea when ICS will be available for Nexus S ?

    Thanks .

  • Noel

    Is the 32GB GSM 3G/HSPA+ model available???

  • nick

    Does this mean they’ll be pushing me some OTA ice cream sandwich soon for my Nexus S?


    P.s. for anyone complaining about the 16/32GB availability, check out engadget’s guide on how to get google music to work outside of the USA. Who cares about storage when you can store all your music in the cloud? 😀

    • RichieRich

      Went to Future Shop to take a look. Love the phone and cant wait to get one. ICS is great.

      @Nick Would love to use more cloud storage and stream my own music and everything but right now in Canada that isnt very practical (for me on Telus) because of our(my) stupid data plan being ridiculously expensive.

  • aviking

    I just don’t understand how it is legal to force you to pay for a one month contract when you want to buy the phone outright.

    Yeah nothing wrong with the Canadian Telecom industry!

    • Hub

      File a complaint to the Competition Bureau. I know they are useless, but they can’t indefinitely stuck their head in the snow it ignore things.

      Bundle sales are illegal.

    • gorn

      Actually, I called the BBB, and the woman there told me to call Samsung and ask them why they don’t sell their phone contract-free. )c:

      Umm, I dunno, mebbe cuz there’s kickbacks?

  • Noel

    If no GSM 32GB model..i will wait for the upcomming HTC VILLE or EDGE or any other ICS devices from Samsung like GS3 etc.. compare b4 i take the plunge. Also i wish Samsung could have shaved a little off the top and bottom to make it less tall say like 130mm. In my view the space on the top and bottom from where the screen ends could have been cut in half..that said i will still get the device but in a 32GB GSM 3G/HSPA+ model since there is no SD card slot.

  • dano

    does anyone know if the virgin mobile has a virgin mobile logo when you login? and is it locked? reports say its unlocked, virgin says locked.

    • hd1

      Virgin staff don’t know anything, don’t listen to them. Even if they know that the GN is unlocked, it’s their policy to state that all their phones are locked to Virgin. Whether they know it’s unlocked or not, they won’t tell you that it’s unlocked.

      There have been no reports of any GNs sold in Canada being locked, whether on Virgin or Bell (which, incase anybody still doesn’t know, are the same company).

  • Phil

    Waiting for Telus. 🙁 7 months left on my contract…

  • babyjesus

    I just heard from a friend that works at Costco that there having a $75 Costco cash card when you get the Galaxy Nexus on contract. Apparently they are the only retailer doing that.

    • gorn

      Bell-only GN contracts @ Costco FYI, Rogers for LTE GS2 ($125 cash card).

    • what

      so what, you buy it from costco, take it home and cancel it, and keep the $75 card? what happens when you cancel a bell 3-year contract after you buy it?

    • Sandman2749

      Costco is awsome.

      I bought the RAZR on day 1 for $150 – $150 in cards = $0 on a 3 year

  • Jamma

    Is there any Bell bloatware on the phone?

  • Justin J

    I currently have an iPhone 3GS. Does this use the same sim card? Or do I need a new one from Rogers?

    • hd1

      No, same SIM will work.

  • Thas

    Pre-ordered this phone a while ago from Bell. So far I have no email, no tracking number no nothing from them. The phone has already launched and I still don’t have the tracking number or anything. Some times I wonder what the hell was the point of even pre-ordering from that retarded company. They clearing seem to be playing favourites with the Virgin Mobile customers.

    • hd1

      Call to cancel your order. If they don’t let you, cancel it with your credit card company. Just tell them the truth: that you were charged for a product that was never delivered. Let Bell deal with them.

  • MARS

    So can someone confirm if this phone is actually pentaband? Will Wind sim card work in it?

    • hd1

      The mobilesyrup review itself confirmed that. Yes, it is pentaband and yes, a Wind SIM will work. Also, there are absolutely no reports of carrier-locking from anyone in Canada. Good luck.

    • cybik

      Confirming you it’s pentaband. We shoved a Vidéotron SIM in and it connected.

  • Peebos

    I just picked mine up at a Virgin kiosk in Edmonton. Since I’ve been a month-to-month customer for the past 18 months with both a Nexus One and Nexus S and never got a promo phone from them I was only charged $109 on a 3 yr term with a $70 smartphone plan. This thing is awesome 🙂

  • Mark

    Just picked one up outright from Bell, 649+hst+20 hardware upgrade, phone is unlocked, my wind sim card also works! You do have to be an existing Bell customer though no contract required.

  • Ryan

    Tried about 5 stores this morning, no one would sell outright. I even offered to sign up for month-to-month… no go. I said I would try FS just for fun and the rep tried the Bell GN and sure enough there was an outright buy option. Swiped it on the spot for $649. The Virgin GN didn’t have an outright purchase option though.

  • Jonnyboy

    my nice bell store sold it to me outright, poppedin my telus sim ant its grrrreat. connects wireless ftw. they just rang it in as prepaid so now i have a second sim and phone number on bell

  • Kelvin

    Just wanna ask a question. Hope someone can help. It’s the first time I bought a phone online from Virgin Mobile with a 30 Day plan (Galaxy Nexus $649.99). I want to ask that if I don’t activate the sim card, do I still need to call the 1.888.999.2321 to end the service? thanks

  • Jamma3

    Got mine off contract from Virgin…paid full price and no contract. The girl didn’t know if she was allowed…the other sales rep told her not to do it but she said I wasn’t told by the manager so it OK :-
    Then he said it’s not unlocked…the phone is unlocked and working with my non virgin Sim

  • doug

    Overpriced just like iphones. I was hoping this phone was goin to be $100 on a 3 year plan which is still alot then drop to $50 where it should be. Theres phones with better specs that are cheaper than the GN i guess google is making people pay for the name just like apple. Im not saying it sucks, it doesnt its a really good phone just overpriced but fanboys will buy it. And i know im going to get thumbed down b/c people put there need to have new eletronics when they first come out and be fanboys before actually finding out what is the best value for your money…

  • Corey

    If you buy this phone at Costco, they have a promo until Dec 24 where you get a $75 costco card on a Nexus with a new Bell voice&data activation. So, rather than buying off contract for 649 + maybe a one month service fee, why not buy at Costco on a 3 year term and then cancel immediately. Unless I’m missing something, the total cost would be:

    159.99 (phone)
    -75 (Costco cash card rebate)
    400 (Maximum early termination fee at least in Quebec where I live)
    50 (one month service because they charge this up front)
    35 (activation fee)

    So that is $570.99 all in. Much better than $649 + maybe a one month fee.

    Am I missing something?

  • alphagob

    I don’t think it would be as simple as a $400 cancellation fee. Bell would also shaft you for the “Data Credit”. See the paragraph below from the Bell website.

    “and (ii) an amount plus applicable taxes, equal to the Data Credit divided by the total number of months in the SCP, multiplied by the number of months remaining in the SCP after termination, due to termination of your data plan or feature which you committed to receive during the SCP. You must pay both amounts (plus applicable taxes) if we terminate both monthly rate and data plans, or a combined monthly rate and data plan, before the end of your SCP.”