Asus Padfone coming early 2012 with Tegra 3 and Ice Cream Sandwich


  • Beso

    debuted in May 2012 … dont you mean May 2011 lol xD

    • M

      It’s a hint bro, May 2012.

  • Eric

    Now that’s a great looking phone!

  • SteelePunk

    Can you PM me the lottery numbers for May 2012 please? Thanks.

  • Rob

    Need to go back to the future for that one. maybe if it downloads at 88 mbps?

  • BM

    padphone name is just WRONG. Maybe in Taiwanese it works out but not here!!!

  • saffant

    competing with the note? Good luck with that.

  • cybik

    WHY must Tegra3 be announced everywhere? Now I’m torn between this and a Transformer Prime! 🙁

    Oh wait. With the going rarity, I’ll be able to sell the Prime at a profit and buy this…