Quietly brilliant story of HTC shows off innovations through the years (Video)


  • hfx_nick

    Run out of news? ;D

  • Pahech

    LIES. According to the book of Jobs, all smartphone and touchscreen innovations came from Apple!

    • Bushwaker

      Easy for you to say…lies? Your comment just clearly shows you are a Steve Jobs believer. So you think all that is written in his book are all true to the bible? you are clearly a blind follower then. It seems you speak first before you think…or maybe your mouth has better use than your brain..

    • Pahech

      Sarcasm is lost on the internet.

    • Me

      @Bushwaker Are you gullible, or just easily confused? I’m pretty sure Pahech was being sarcastic….

    • EC

      @Bushwaker holy s**t, have you heard of sarcasm before? its a pretty safe bet that anything starting with “LIES” is sarcastic

  • Joe cons

    I don’t think I’ve heard of a phone company that actually says, Thank you to their consumers. Well done HTC. Nothing but A+ technology.

  • MikeNeufeld

    Really? So I read over 600 pages and it’s not true? Good on ya Htc.

  • Davros

    RIM could learn from this story.

  • Adrastos

    I can’t tell if Bushwaker is just decent at trolling or if someone could be that oblivious to sarcasm. I am going to guess maybe english isn’t his first language and thats why he responded that way.

  • Boojay

    HTC is sex in a phone, what’s so hard to understand about that?

  • Dan

    Good job HTC. All you have to do is keep building solidly built devices and get rid of HTC Bloat (err Sense) and you will have winning devices. Also, maybe slow down on releasing flagship after flagship, you’re kinda pissing off the people that buy them hoping to have the best HTC device for a while.

  • HTCmachine

    Steve jobs invented hot water according to his fanboys.

  • tendenzi

    Anyone remember the HTC touch? They showed it in the video being used with a hand… lol, it wasn’t that intuitive, and had a very high return rate. It was TELUS/Bell’s worst nightmare.

  • saffant

    If they could get rid of their crappy “stereo recording” for their cellphone video cameras, then only would they be able to beat Samsung.

    Must say.. I miss my Sensation and especially HTC Sense- despite the lag and memory hogging issues.

    Until then GS2 FTW.

  • kickstart

    Gee, I don’t know how the Maple failed to make its way on to their movie…glad I paid for this piece of sh*t. Who honestly only provides so little storage space as to render text-messaging such an onerous task on the phone that it crashes?
    That said, I’ll probably buy another HTC, just one that I research beforehand 🙂