BlackBerry Bold 9790 dummy device strolls into TELUS, launch imminent


  • Alex Perrier

    Those Torch-like buttons on the Bold bother me… 🙁

  • jewfei

    i’ve lost track on these bold, curve, torch 9900 9800 9790 numbers

  • BBFail2012

    Outdated phone and os before its even out, who would pay 149? When u can get an iphone or samsung or even htc which are all far superior

  • BBFail2012

    Ooops sorry 129

  • DOA

    Dead on arrival

  • lukeiphone

    Again the same looking devices. Im tired now

    • Alex Perrier


      Then feel free to make suggestions. Seems like RIM really needs those. Did you know that the Curve 8500 series was available in baby blue and violet? That seems to be targeted specifically to girls, but it’s more creative than their monochrome black-and-white palette of today. The pink is nice, and the 9360 is more attractive than the 9300. The Curve price is a big RIM concern for me right now.

    • KettleCorn

      Because everybody else who’s not Nokia has such creative colouring schemes and implementations of glass/plastic/metal screen slabs right?

    • Dimitri K.

      Same goes for Apple. They have made the same dumb looking phone for the past 5 years… The only thing the changed was the back. OMG THEY INVENTED SOMETHING NO ONE ELSE DID. i am going sarcastic btw..

      At least RIM is trying & they are making different type of phones, not like Apple that has been stuck with 1 name & the same design since 2007.

      For Androids at least Samsung & HTC make different phones & honestly they are better looking as well.

      Even tho i use a HTC Raider i still own a 9000 & a 9900 bold & a 9810 / 9860 Torch.

  • Graham J

    Dummy device is right 😉

  • VM Rep

    Virgin’s outright pricing is 429.99. FYI.

  • Jay

    God BB news is boring these days!

  • TeknoBug

    Why are they going BACKWARDS with the damn buttons?

  • Simon

    I like my blackberry and all, but I really don’t see the point of the 9790. It has raised buttons on top, sure, but it’s still very similar to other blackberries, right?

    9900 looks a lot better. Curve models are available for the lower-end market. Why release a device that costs nearly as much as the former, but has the looks of the latter? It’d have been better if RIM just produced more 9900s to lower the costs.

  • Collins

    I like my blackberry bold 9930 gives me joy