Rogers to release the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in January 2012


  • InfinitiGuy

    Will this be the LTE version?

  • Merckx

    Good bye Rogers, Hello Bell!

  • Arber

    Seriously? Making me keep my damn Galaxy S2 LTE……

  • JB

    Bell kinda F’d all of Canada with the Galaxy S2 and Nexus exclusivity. Thanks Dickwads.

  • Marc

    I hope that these Galaxy Nexus phones will be coming unlocked.

  • Preacher

    If Tel releases this after bell does as well then forget it, ill just buy it out right, or see if bell has any sweet deals to switch

  • jason

    Hold on…does this the Nexus coming to Bell/Virgin in early Dec. is a Bell exclusive? I thought all the Nexus phone were unbranded, unlocked and w/o the carrier bloatware etc..? Can’t I just get a one from Bell and put my Rogers sim in it?

  • Dave

    WOW!!! A month LATE!! If we buy the bell ver, it will still work on Rogers Right?!?!?!?!?

  • Zach

    Why release it later? that is so dumb on Rogers part, to not keep up with the competition is one thing, but to continually release phones a couple months later? ex. SGS2 variants, HTC variants.

    when will they learn…

  • Randy

    well… i’d rather wait a month and use my upgrade than buy off contract.

    • Tod L

      Thats the dumbest reply here. Look at whats happening to the prices in canada, especially big cities. YOU sign up for 3 years and enjoy that.

    • Dimitri K.

      @ Tod L.. You do realize NOT everyone has $600+ do give upfront for a phone right?.. This is why people buy it on a sub cost on a contract. Yes they spend more on the contract during the 3 year term but if people like me we do not have $600+ to spend upfront to buy the phone outright.

      Have you ever thought of that?

    • Lazed

      @Tod: Some people are actually happy with the services they currently have…many people have gotten their monthly bills reduced to a very reasonable price. Don’t forget that even while in a contract, plans can be changed if a better one comes around in the future (more minutes/data for less money, etc.).

    • Lewis

      With the new law (don’t know if it’s Quebec only), there is absolutely no reason to buy off contract. The contract will always end up being cheaper because your cancellation fees will only be the remaining of what you have to pay on the phone. I.e. if they give you 500$ off with 3-years contract, cancellation fees = 500/36 * (remaining months)

  • M

    I hope Telus doesn’t get it until January. My contract expires in about 4-5 months, and if I call them saying Rogers has LTE and Bell has a much better line-up, and I will gladly leave for better products if they do not offer me a good incentive to stay. They might let me keep my plan and options for another 3-years if I sign with them (S2X)

  • Alex Davies

    This will NOT be an LTE phone. The Ti OMAP chipset the Nexus uses, like the RAZR, does not support Canadian and AT&T LTE bands, just Verizon CDMA & LTE and global HSPA. The only current SOC that does support our LTE is the Qualcomm one, found in the HTC Raider, SGSII LTE, LG Optimus LTE, and most likely the new Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE.

    • bob

      That’s not the issue. Samsung could have made a LTE/UMTS/GSM Galaxy Nexus phone for Canada just like they made a LTE/UMTS/GSM Galaxy S2 for Korea.
      Canada was probably a too small market so it was not worth it.

    • Alex Davies

      NO they couldn’t have made an LTE Nexus that supports Verizon and Rogers/Bell/AT&T. As I mentioned it uses the OMAP SOC, which is NOT physically capable of using the LTE bands that Bell, Rogers & AT&T use. The Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE, which I mentioned in my comment, that is available in Korea, and in NA on Rogers and AT&T, uses the Qualcomm SOC that does work on our LTE bands.

      Samsung would have to make A DIFFERENT model, with a new chipset, in-order to support LTE on Rogers Bell and AT&T. This would have meant that ICS would have had to have been developed on two different phones at the same time, which Google was probably not interested in. Just as with the RAZR, the decision to partner with Verizon meant from day one that we would not be getting an LTE Galaxy Nexus in Canada.

  • Joe Mama

    The Nexus One was sold unlocked direct from Google wasn’t it? So I assume the Galaxy Nexus will be sold unlocked by Google too. I suppose you could also just buy it from Bell and unlock it yourself. That’s what lots of people did with the Galaxy S II.

    • crimsona

      The Samsung Nexus S wasn’t sold directly by Google, and frankly, that’s the better comparison.

      The Galaxy Nexus is likely to be unlocked anyway

    • Joe Mama

      Hmmm, good point.

  • David Evans

    Looks like Rogers will miss out on the holiday rush. Bell probably paid Samsung to delay shipments to other carriers, or at least, to get the first round of shipments for Canada.

  • Steve

    Rogers are i****s. I’ll be buying the bell version and using it on Rogers as all Nexus phone are unlocked…

  • trini

    Bell won the holiday exclusive game with the galaxy Nexus!! Rogers failed!!

  • MikeP

    oh f you rogers you cheap b******s.

  • craz

    Rogers clearly dropped the ball yet again. Bell’s biggest asset is Rogers’ stupidity.

  • Mark

    I’m watching you, Telus!

  • Phil

    Any word on Telus?

    Considering using an early upgrade to get an iPhone 4S, selling that, and then picking up the Nexus from Bell..

    • KnightFire

      Zowies! Excellent idea! Why didn’t I think of that first 🙁

  • doug

    dont give a crap about rogers all ive heard about them is there bad and they dont even have service in my province. Bell seems alright but anytime upgrades with telus are awesome was going to use one to get this phone but i guess not…

  • Amelie

    Waow, so I guess I’ll be waiting until March 2012 to get my hands on the Galaxy Note…god damn it Rogers, why???

  • A7md

    when will guys post the review? we are waiting =(

  • aaron lee

    anyone know if fido is gonna have the galaxy nexus? i’ve been waiting for so long. the reason i asked is because i’ve accumulated a lot of fido dollars, and if i can use those dollars for it, it’d be great. my contract has ended already, and they’ve put me on monthly.

    • Tannis

      I am on Fido, too. I am waiting…and waiting and waiting. I am eligible for an upgrade. I am tempted to use my Fido $$ towards an iPhone 4S, sell it and then use the money to buy which ever phone I want. I have a good plan with Fido and really benefit from per second billing and ultd. incoming calls, so I would hate to switch.

  • trey

    So the next big question is when does Telus get it? I dont mind switching to Telus, but i refuse to switch to bell so i hope telus gets this soon.

  • grempz

    just waiting for the tmobil/wind/mobilicty version to hit.

  • Mr Marvelous

    Oh, for fucks sakes rogers!

  • DontGetit

    Now while I use to be alot of you, anxiously awaiting phones and POD when the Captivate had numerous delays. i’ve started to look at it like this:

    I remember back in the early 2000’s I bought a used phone from a pawn shop, it was massive – ugly, thick, no games, Green backlit. I then years later had a Z200, then a Razr. Y’Know what? I survived with those phones, they were great in their time and I think we all have to step back and just take a look for a minute.

    From where we have come (Zack Morris phones) to now – So what if you don’t have the Nexus right now? The last world ending premonition failed so we’re gonna live beyond October – so why not wait afew months? Will we die? No. Simply – no.

    Wil I die? No. You know what? I am on Rogers and I dont even HAVE a phone, I am paying for a 80/month plan with no phone because I had to pawn it for groceries for my family, and while it sucks I AM SURVIVING and when it comes down to it you will to .. and I would take any of my old phones for something.

    So the moral of my huge rant is.. Come on, get over it, suck it up, and wait? Cause there’s more important things in life 🙂

    (I will probably get negged hard for this.. lol)

  • JSKershaw

    I know that it’s going to be late to Rogers, but I’m glad that it won’t be a Bell exclusive and will be here January. I’ve waited this long, what’s another 1.5-2 months?
    Not much of a rush to get it, but it would’ve been a nice Xmas gift 🙁

    • DontGetit

      lol – we should all give presents in January. That way we enjoy our X-mas with family and then the presents can be purchased on Boxing day to save cash, and then we could really appreciate the meaning of Xmas with family and get togethers. IF Xmas isn’t all about the presents and marketing ploys, why not do it?

      Save cash, save headaches, buy presents at the price they should be and just do it.

      Seriously have considered this. Lol

  • Overhead

    I wanted to get two of these and take advantage of the the free Samsung Tab 10.1 offer. Trouble is it the offer expires Dec 31.

    Maybe that is why Galaxy Nexus is not available until after Dec 31.

    • KnightFire

      Yeah, the Tab would have cost me an extra $150, as I’m already on a(n off-contract) family plan, but that’s still cheaper than full price – damn it Robber$ 🙁

  • Emperuman V

    Heh at least Bell gets it first.

  • Mathieu

    Since when there are exclusivity for Nexus phones?

    How is that an exclusivity if Rogers is getting it in January?
    1 month exclusivity?

    • Dimitri K.

      Its a Exclusive Launch for Bell & Virgin. They are releasing it first which they have the exclusive release launch. Rogers is releasing it a month AFTER Bell & Virgin does. It sucks because i thought Google would have launched it with all the Carriers at once like Apple does.

  • leobg

    Maybe they are working on releasing LTE version. I see no reason otherwise to miss the holiday rush.

  • northy

    its not really exclusive,, as the phone is not locked to a carrier,,, there will be no bell logo when boot up,, there will be no bell bloatware,, you will be able to use any sim,,

    all updates are directly OTA from google,, once you have experienced nexus,, its totally different then any other phone you have owned,,

    the only exclusive they have for 30 days is the ability to try to sign or extend contracts to bell

    so yes for those who are on rogers and want to upgrade on rogers will have to wait,,, Im on rogers but own my nexus one out right just as I will with the galaxy nexus….and will likely get it at costco,

    and as for you iphone users wanting to switch over,, do alot of reading,, and if you can get your hands on a android phone to try do so,, this is no iphone, this is more like a pocket computer that is yours to learn and enjoy, but with that comes a big learning curve, so becarful this may not be for you

    • iEtthy

      Different experience? Back on 2000 I was able to get a OTA update from Nokia and actually the phone i was using back then Just got another update a couple of months back. Hell yea it will be different, You will Get 1 OTA update and receive none ever again making your phone a $600.00 BRICK. thats what you will experience with Android. Ios, WP7, Nokia For the win. oh and lets not get into warranty issues. Send your phone away for 3 months and they send you the same defective device saying that there is nothing wrong Sounds like android manufacturers.

  • math

    Lewis, well said but dont count on everybody to understand…they seem to know soooo much on the carriers. I say let them pay more!

  • Marc

    ****** ******* ************* piece of **** ******** Rogers

  • JanuarysVeryOwn

    Since Rogers is getting this does this also mean Fido will carry the GNex??? Like Bell and Virgin.

  • Randy

    @Tod L

    i’m very happy with the service i get from rogers.. i have 4 cell phones, home phone, cable and internet. I get some pretty good rates and don’t plan on switching any time soon. there is no reason for me to buy a phone off-contract if i have an upgrade to use. i am going to need all these services every month anyways, and the other carriers out there are either the same price or don’t have the same quality of services anyways.

  • Yaguang

    The question now is how will Bell price this

  • MauiLove

    Firstly, i think this exclusivity crap is just nonsense and needs to be done away with and with a quickness.

    Secondly, i’m with Rogers and still rocking my BB circa 2008 so it goes without saying that i REALLY REALLY REALLY need a new phone NOW! The only positive is that i am no longer on a contract. 🙂 Alas, i will probably have to wait another 1.5 to 2 months unless rogers provides their pricing before bell/virgin releases the GN…highly doubtful. If bell/virgin makes me an offer that i cannot refuse…again highly doubtful…then i will jump on their deal before rogers does their release in January if the offer has a year end expiry date. Another option is to wait for the SGS3 in 2012 which will out perform the GN but as this is my first android phone i think it is in my best interest to get a pure android OS with timely updates and without bloatware versus a faster phone. I’ll just purchase a tegra 3 tab for performance. 😉

  • Nitin

    Typically one month isn’t that big of a deal but since many of Rogers promos end Dec 31st it’s a big loss for many of us. Also a loss for Rogers because they miss the holiday rush but at the same time it makes sense since they just released the S2 LTE they want to sell a good amount of them before the Galaxy Nexus. I was hoping to buy this during the holidays but I guess I can wait until early Jan.

  • david

    Ill see what bell can offer me. If they can beat:
    200 weekday mins
    Unlimited Rogers to Rogers / Fido
    2500 text messages. Unlimited incoming
    6GB data
    called id, name display,who called & voicemail
    $56 after tax. The squeeky wheel gets the greese

  • twonald

    the real question is, will it be unlocked. because i love the freedom of my nexus s, and i would like the option to say, use it with wind so i can enjoy canada-wide unlimited calling, text and data for 30 bucks! i’m so tired of over-paying to any one of the big 3!

  • saffant

    Go Bell 😉

  • Brett Davis

    I tried logging into rogers this morning to reserve this phone as per the post.

    Another Rogers fail, thanks Rogers for continuing to make me want to switch to a new company.

  • craig

    what is this crazy bullshit exclusive crap? i had my mind set on mid November now I have to wait till Jan? What, first, second or third week ????? I think i’m going to buy this outright through Bell and slap my sim in it … thanks for letting us down Rogers.

  • RabidRotty

    Well tomorrow is here, and there is nothing about it on Rogers website at all.

  • Brendan

    Why is everyone freaking out? Atleast this isn’t going to be a Bell Exclusive device. They just got the right to release it early. Oh boo hoo. whoa is me i have to wait an extra month to get it from Rogers. SUCK IT UP! Ill wait the extra time any day if the alternative is signing up with Hell or Telus.

  • craig

    it won’t be an extra month … by the time Rogers gets off their a*s it will be Feb

  • Jon B.

    Anybody know what time it will be added to the reservation system?

  • hey

    bye telus…it was the worst experience working with you. No support for my one year old Desire. NO SPARE PARTS FROM HTC OR TELUS. HTC NEVER MORE

  • rnewton01

    nobody said the reservation would be available first thing in the morning.. i don’t get the people completely freaking out and ready to kill someone over this whole thing. what difference does it make if you can reserve it now or in a week or month from now… phone still isn’t coming until January

  • Irfan

    Its still not up on Roger’s reservation system ..

  • Lean-N-Supreme

    I hoping Fido might get the Galaxy Nexus too since it got the Nexus S.

  • Drew

    the Nexus is up for reservation on Rogers system now!

  • soulstar

    You get number 1 drew?

  • dixmak

    Got #18.

  • Randy

    Just reserved. 19th

  • soulstar

    lol.. i don’t even know why i reserved this one. i already got an SGSII LTE even though my reserved device which has been “shipped” hasn’t been delivered to the store yet for pick up :S. it’s easier to just go to the store.

    please note everyone, the reservation system DOES NOT guarantee you will get the device first. the purpose of the reservation is to ensure that once you have received notification that your device is delivered to the store, you can easily pick it up. this is more likely to be useful for hard to get devices like iPhones. android devices are readily available at most retail locations on launch day

    • Randy

      i put in reservations for the SGS2 LTE and the Razr. I picked up and returned my SGSII lte, didn’t bother getting the razr, but both showed up at the rogers location it was supposed to be at the SAME day as the status changed to shipped. Did you get emailed a UPS tracking #?

  • Jeff

    I got a Galaxy Note unlocked overseas. So beautiful! Hope to have ICS by Jan. You gotta get this phone. It kills the Nexus.

  • justITguy

    Anybody got a firm date on the release? Looks like I’m upgrading as well.

  • SamoyEd

    Just heard January 23rd launch.

    anyone hear of Costco carrying it?