Mobilicity has gone crazy… dropping monthly rate plans by 50% tomorrow


  • vkk

    Ohhh yeah 😉


      Mobilicity is definitely desperate now.

    • Robert

      This makes perfect sense.

      I have been following Wind and Mobilicity new tower additions via the TAFL and Spectrum Direct data.

      For Vancouver, Wind Mobile has started expanding to Abbotsford, BC.

      Wind Mobile’s towers are already live there but they have not announced it officially.

      Mobilicity on the other hand is not spending money on expansion / new tower additions.

      Instead they are using that money to offer steep discounts.

      Anyways just dump the Big 3 (Rogers, Bell and Telus) and their subsidiaries (Fido, Chatr, Virgin, Solo, and Koodo).

      The more they feel the pain of subs leaving them and going to either Mobilicity or Wind Mobile, I suppose they will become more fair in their pricing.


  • Kid_Canada

    Ohhh-Myyyyy-Godddddd :O that’s insanely low and this def cought my eye!! Kodos to Mobi for trying show the Big 3 what low price plans are, keep that up and we’ll hopefully see some changed from the Big 3!

  • Al

    Now i am doubting myself… Is there a point where i’d say it’s too cheap?

    because, week before, you can stack $200 trade-in, $2-off perm, and the $25 unlimited plan and that’d equal to $3 (+tax @ $25) a month for the first 10 months then $23 (+tax @ $25) afterwards…

    now that those offers expires… they’re cutting everything by 50%…

    I dont know the ins and outs of the telecommunication industries but how are they operational? Or are the other companies just gaining THAT much revenue?

    • Cliff S

      re: how are they operational? Or are the other companies just gaining THAT much revenue?

      Just a thought, maybe they aren’t hoarding (and paying) for the expensive wireless spectrum like a bunch of their competitors (didn’t pay to much attention to the latest auctions, jump in if you can offer insight here).

      or, maybe they are charging a reasonable profit % + costs. Rather then obscene profit % + costs like the big 3.

    • chall2k5

      Wind did this “promo” last year, and no, neither company has turned a profit, but thats the type of offers they need to be able to compete with the big three

    • Tom


      No, they already had much better prices then the incumbents.

      This seems like competing with the other new entrants.

      After all, for people like me who care about price but haven’t moved to the new guys, the issue is coverage not price. We have to stick with the incumbents until the new guys dramatically increase their coverage – crazy price promos won’t make a difference.

  • They see me Trollin’, They Hatin’

    Shit, and we in Quebec are left alone…
    Stuck with expensive monthly plans.
    I wish mobi was here.

    • sam

      another benefit for living in quebec…

    • add

      yeah i know i wish mobilicty was in montreal they can even parner up with videotron to do so by the way i live in toronto and i love my mobilicity service and get everybody to switch to mobilicity

  • Lazed

    I love what they’re doing to our mobile phone industry…for those who can get good reception, they get unlimited service for a very low monthly rate. For those who can’t get good enough reception to switch, the Big 3 are handing out retention discounts left, right and centre and their discount brands (Virgin, Koodo) are slowly but surely offering better bang for the buck.

  • ComradeDavidenko

    Is this a going out of business sale or something? I love Mobilicity, and I am a loyal customer, however this is just crazy. I hope they’re still running a profitable organization… 😛

  • Dave

    Should we start a pool on when Mobi will be going bankrupt?

    • T1MB1T

      they are bankrupt! they want to be like wind but they are not!! Tony is a snappier dresser and has way better teeth!

  • junior

    Let’s be clear:

    $200 Port+Trade / ends Nov 14th
    $25 BTS Plans / ends Nov 14th

    50% off applies to Regular Price (Not Promo/Specials)

    Yes, $2 PAC is still in effect and worth activating

    • 0defaced


      The $25 BTS is still on after the 14th.

  • Rookie

    Good deal .. Too bad for me I am not in your coverage zone..

  • george

    seems like a sign of desperation to try and stay alive a bit longer. Seems as though bankruptcy or out of business sale coming soon in the horizon

    • Johnisgay

      apparently, they’re marketting plan is to just steal customers away from the big 3. THey want one of the big 3 to buy them out.

    • chall2k5

      the big three Cant buy Mobi out, it has to be Wind, Shaw, or Videotron (possibly Public although thats unlikely) the licenses were clear on that (I think it was 5 years before the big 3 are eligible)

  • Woooaahhhhhhhhhh

    Remember that this price is only for 1 year…then it goes back to it’s normal price.
    Still an amazing deal!

  • WIND

    can we existing customers get this deal???

    • Parkway Mall

      Please Call us. 416-999-9229 ask for Andrew

  • Montrealer

    Mobilicity…wish you were in Montreal 🙁

    • Clee

      Blame Videotron
      They bought all the available AWS spectrum in Quebec 🙁

  • Parkway Mall

    Please call us if you want to have more details. 416-999-9229 @ Parkway Mall Mobilicity

    • 0defaced

      that looks desperate Mr. Dealer, kindly plug your store elsewhere, maybe a bit more tasteful?

  • spice

    Word of advice … Ask for a free phone as they will go bankrupt in January take the ride for a month or two

  • Jimmy

    Desperation at its finest. What a sad company. They should run a free syringe and 8 ball promo while they are at it.

    • 0defaced

      and some people never grow out of being a high school loser…..sit down.

  • X

    Dude~~this is crazy~~Really need to call them ask if they are still making money or not~~

    BTW, I strongly suggest Mobo expand their coverage, so far I am very happy with their service since I transfered from Rogers~~I have to say that they are crazy~~~

  • someone

    I’ve been debating about trying mobi for a few months and this kind of pricing sounds good and bad. Great price, but so low now I’d be nervous that they are going under. Fingers crossed they keep it up and survive because even if I’m stuck with one of the big 3, this kind of stuff can only help keep prices lower.

  • Terry

    “He’s losing his mind.”
    [Eyes widen]

    “And I’m reaping all the benefits. ”
    [smiles and disappears behind the curtain]

    That’s all I saw in my head when I read this.

  • 0defaced

    dear f*ing christ people…..this is not a difficult concept…..

    Mobi is FAR…..FAR FAR FAR from going under. They are simply offering a great price point for the holidays to acquire all the Windys leaving Wind, you know….due to having an inferior network and throttled data.

    This is called smart business, and the comment above about the profit turnover difference is entirely accurate. Mobilicity is THE most transparent business I have ever come across, and they will continue to be that company!

  • John wu

    tomorrow is coming, wind is crying, pubilc mobile dieing, mobilcity is smiliing!

  • Anon

    I hope those arrogant morons at Bell are taking note.

  • droidacolyte

    Wow they are getting desperate.

  • joel

    For $12.50 per month, if you live in Toronto are complaining about network coverage, id guess you are probably working for rogers.

  • Mr. Obvious

    Wow, quite a few delusional Mobi customers in here. Let me break it down for you.

    Mobi has been shopping around for about a year now, trying to find someone to purchase them. So far, no serious offers have come in. Of course, that does not mean that the offer is off the table – it’s not.

    The latest promos (and I am sure that most of us lost count of them by now) are there purely to beef up the customer numbers, because a larger client base makes a company more attractive when it comes to acquisition.

    If Mobi’s lack of general direction, their stagnant expansion, and, lately, their constant promotions are not tipping you off, then you’re a bit thick. My apologies for being brutally honest.

    Mobi is in a race against time. It will either go under in the next year or two, will be bought out sometime over the same period of time by the smaller/new players (unlikely), or will be gobbled up by one of the Big 3. We will know soon enough.

    It’s time to open your eyes and face reality, ladies and gentleman. Mobi’s strategy was never about wild expansion, steady growth, and long-term prosperity. The company was build up to be sold for profit, and, unless they go belly up soon, this is exactly what is going to happen.

    • 0defaced

      so mr “obvious”, is that your job? to go around forums and pages, spouting off about things you seem to know about, but really don’t?

      Mobi has denied a few offers, and has not been looking for a single one. period. end of story. nice try.

      please stop trying to be the SMRT guy, it’s just making you look arrogant, and quite ignorant.

    • droidacolyte

      If Mobi have this “exit strategy”, why are they offering “for-life” promos like the $25 BTS and $40 Holiday plan? Surely if you are looking to sell, it makes more sense to offer a promo plan that lasts for a limited time and not a “for life” plan so that the new owners can then milk the subs once their promo ends. Didn’t Dave Dobbin admit that $25 unlimited talk, text and data was unsustainable? If Mobi had an exit strategy, they’re going about it the wrong way methinks.

    • Mr. Obvious


      Why wouldn’t they? “For life” deals are perfect when it comes to attracting more customers, and these customers are likely to stay, since they have a “sweet deal”. Outcome: lower churn, and healthier subscriber numbers – company seems more attractive.

      Depending on how this plays out, if Mobi is bought out before it goes bankrupt, it is likely that plans will be grandfathered (refer to Rogers’ acquisition of Fido). Yes, there are a lot of $25 a month plans, which may not be very profitable. However, there are also plenty of $35 and $40 a month plans, which are cash cows. After the acquisition, a new company will do as they please with new customer pricing, while older subscribers will be left to their own devices. It’s not such a bad scenario for current Mobi customers, really, so it won’t be an end of the world for them. I can’t say the same for new subscribers at that time.

    • DD

      Odeface seems to have a real hard time with reality. Not sure if he is a delusional fanboy or an insider on the outside. Mobilicity is in a race to the bottom .
      Also if you believe Mobilicity is unlimited go to HOFO customers are being cut off under their Terms Of Service agreement. It seems unlimited all you can eat is discretionary.

    • Starcell7

      Well Said.

  • sam2

    as much as it is a great deal, everyone that follows the industry knows these guys already have a knee down… I don’t think i would buy a phone from them at this point too risky

  • roman129

    Mobi doesn’t cover me, so I’ll have to stick with Wind. But those are insane deals.

  • Shamdie Wowdie

    I’m a current customer, with the 25 dollar unlimited plan. Can I still get half off?

  • Dyck Pound

    Just trying 2 build their subscriber base so WIND or the big3 will buy them out in 5 years.

  • Dyck Pound

    I won’t mind if Mobi gets bought out. There’s plenty of competition, we can lose 1 or 2 new entrants.

    The reason for high mobile phone costs in Canada is not lack of competition, it is our low population density which requires more towers serving fewer people.

    Urban customers are subsidizing rural ones. Rural customers should be forced to pay more since they need more towers per capita. That would lower prices for urban customers. Lobby the CRTC.

  • Dyck Pound

    @droidacolyte For life means nothing if they are bought out. The new owners will jack up the prices.

  • DanielP

    Their coverage (supposedly) 3 blocks from my house. I really wish they could expand just a bit!

  • droidacolyte

    Are you sure about that though? When Rogers bought out Fido, the old CityFido plans got grandfathered (the Microcell era ownership ones. Not the CityFido plans that Fido revived recently to compete with the new entrants). I would think that Mobilicity would be legally obligated to keep those subs on those for life plans. Even under new ownership.

  • Haha

    Even if WIND buys them out, at least the coverage would expand hahaha, WIND has decent pricing and decent coverage at least compared to the BIG 3.

  • droidacolyte

    If you looked at a national coverage map of Rogers and Bell/Telus, the vast majority of Canada’s land mass has no coverage whatsoever. So the low population density per tower argument doesn’t make sense. Rogers, Bell and Telus don’t bother building towers in the middle of nowhere anyway! Because that huge mass of Canadian land with no cell coverage is only like 5-7% of the Canadian population.

    Now landlines are a different story. Bell and Telus probably lose a lot of money supplying copper wire landline telephone services to remote areas because they are forced by government mandate to do so. A telephone is an essential service. But the government doesn’t consider wireless service essential. So Rogers, Bell and Telus are under no mandate to provide wireless services to people in the boonies, native reservations, the Great Canadian North, etc.

  • WirelessBoy

    How about some subscriber numbers Mobi? Public Mobile shared their numbers so Mobi, it’s your turn.

  • Jamie

    People clamour for low prices and when it comes you complain (or maybe there are too many Bell/Rogers dealers here)?
    Anyway, here is the story: they have built out a network and capacity and it is nowhere near full or at capacity so they can afford to cut prices to increase network traffic since so much of it is available and idle.
    Now, someone said Wind throttles their network. Is this true??? I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.. in fact, here is a question: they are giving away the 9360 for free… so does that mean I can jailbreak it and use it anywhere on any Canadian network (since the Blackberry itself is free)??

  • djino


    Is this really sustainable? Even though I’m staying with my WIND Irresistible35, I’m afraid this is a sign of troubles ahead for Mobi. And if we lose Mobi, there isn’t much out there to keep WIND honest. 🙁

  • John

    Their not legally ogligated to keep the plans, the tos clearly state plans can change at anytime.

  • Dyck Pound

    I think there is some crtc requirement for the big 3 to provide cell service to remote areas.
    I go boating around Honey Harbour (lake huron) and I get bell signal. It’s great, but I can’t see how bell makes money since there are only a few hundred summer cottages around there. Anyone know the facts on crtc requirements for service to remote areas?

  • Pahech

    I don’t know why some people are so angry about companies dropping pricing. I get skepticism, but anger? Really? How elitist can you get?

  • john wu

    The next price you can sure expect public mobile to come out will be free of charge for the first 12 months since they already doing for 15 no one is buying

    • Genta

      @john wu, where did you find the stats telling you that PM isn’t selling the $15 plan?

  • john wu

    Wind will do another plan for $5 buck all in just to responses I am sure otherwise they will die

  • john wu

    Imaging for $15.50 per month Samsung nexus at $299.99 who will be stupid enough to say not to join mobilicity right

  • john wu

    If u say no to Mobil pricing you must be a super millionaire or a lottery winner

  • TJ

    How much does a Mobi SIM go far ? I’ve an unlocked Wind phone which is compatible with Mobi ..will just pop in the SIM & go for one of these 50 % OFF plans 🙂 ..most probably the $ 12.50 plan ..that’s all I need right now 🙂

    • 0defaced

      Free if you pay for the plan.

  • mobicust

    Guys people are asking both Big coverage and lowest price
    it cant happen
    If wind with more than double cost can afford 29 plan why cant mobi do it for half

    their cost of operation is lowest. If their coverage good for u use it as i do and enjoy the lowest price. If u want big coverage pay more . Thats how things work

  • Joel

    I bought an Xperia x10 for $275 after the mail-in-rebate. In the last 9 months, I’ve saved enough that the phone was free. If they last another 9 months, I can buy another phone, compared to the decent but much more expensive $58 after it was said and done – that I was paying from Telus.

    If Mobilicity lasts another year at $12.50, I’ll save $525 – more if you compare it to my wife’s iPhone 6GB plan for “$50” which is actually between $65 and $95. And the next year another $375, every year after that. Do the math people, rather than worrying about a company going under.

    How close is Mobilicity to bankruptcy, exactly, Mr. Obvious? And won’t that phone work on Wind, should Mobi go belly up? In the meantime, isn’t every month you sit on a new entrant, the better it’ll be for everyone, as the big 3 bring their prices down to be more in-line?

  • Ex-Mobi


    ” I would think that Mobilicity would be legally obligated to keep those subs on those for life plans. Even under new ownership.”

    They are not legally obligated to keep any promos or any pricing for life… because you are not in a contract and if you look at the the piece of paper they give you when you sign up. No where on there does it say you are going to get the price for life. They are saying you will get it grandfathered but its not on a legal document so they are not obligated to keep your current prices.

    Trust me I was an Ex-Mob employee and their CS and the Company didn’t know s**t when customer ask that question and just said it should be kept there….but we don’t know for sure

  • Ex-Mobi

    Oh and by the way….these prices they are still making a profit…not much…but still making profit…

  • soc

    got to love how people distrust low prices even when the source has reasonable explanations, such as 1) Smaller network and subs support leads to lower cost 2) just because a plan is unlimited doesn’t mean people talk non stop. Indeed most just don’t want a fluctuating bill. I bet use is a lot lower than you’d expect. 3) running a prepaid service saves a lot of costs(albeit the big three make those back through overage fees). 4) expansion costs for new entrants is fix by projection meaning higher sub volumes at lower margins may depending on usage be free short term revenue gains…but I suppose it easier to assume they just want a buyout as how dare a business be smart enough to assume cost might be major concern in going against established telecom with a garbage AWS.

  • Mustafa

    I am leaving FIDO today 🙂

  • Joel

    The $12.50 didn’t include data – so it’d be more, so I’m switching to their $27.50 get-everything plan. When it’s this cheap, throw in long-distance and voicemail, why not?

    I should call my mom more.

  • soey22

    There goes my land-line, more money in my pocket!

  • Robert

    This makes perfect sense.

    I have been following Wind and Mobilicity new tower additions via the TAFL and Spectrum Direct data.

    For Vancouver, Wind Mobile has started expanding to Abbotsford, BC.

    Wind Mobile’s towers are already live there but they have not announced it officially.

    Mobilicity on the other hand is not spending money on expansion / new tower additions.

    Instead they are using that money to offer steep discounts.

    Anyways just dump the Big 3 (Rogers, Bell and Telus) and their subsidiaries (Fido, Chatr, Virgin, Solo, and Koodo).

    The more they feel the pain of subs leaving them and going to either Mobilicity or Wind Mobile, I suppose they will become more fair in their pricing.

  • DD

    Mobilicity can be bought out next year by one of the new wireless entrants including Vidoetron & East Link. The Big3 cannot buy them out until 2014. I do not see the big 3 being interested in Mobilicity other than acquiring there freg band which is the true gol as there network would add nothing to the Big 3 current coverage.

  • northwest

    We switched to Mobilicity when Virgin increased the price of text messages. We were prepared for a lower level of reliability but that expectation has not materialized (except while in a Calgary hospital’s interior hallways). I’d be more concerned about the deep discounts if there were overlapping deals but they appear designed to attract new subscribers rather than increase revenues from existing subscribers. I suspect that the company is simply using its expanding customer base to secure financing for its participation in the upcoming spectrum auction.

  • Blah

    Ok first Mobilicity is a low cost company meaning they make most money off dealers, that is why they have very few corporate stores trust me they are hard to find,I checked. And second mobilicity has a long term contract with investors, no corporation goes under in the first couple of years of operation. Companies need to make deals like this at the start but then eventually gain more money create better service and then expand. Also do you think Mobilcity would have high prices right out of the gate, A year and a bit is not long in this industry. Come On People

  • N7

    Mobilicity will most likely not be around in a year. They have no money left. They don’t make any money. How are they going to pay for expansion?
    Just wait and see. I worked for Microcell for years from its birth and survived 2 bankruptcies. Fido’s plan was to be bought out after the last one.
    Check Microcell’s financials. Look at their rate of customer additions compared to Wind. 350,000 to 1.5 million subs in 12 months isnt promising.
    These companies need to make money and ARPU at $25 isn’t going to lead them in that direction.

    • northwest

      Sorry, but being attached to a loser doesn’t qualify you to bloviate on what it takes to win.

  • Satviewer2000

    Hmmm. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be some sort of Ponzi scheme. After they get enough people signing on, then they take the money and run.

  • anh2

    My bet is Loblaw will buy them since they are launch mobile shop in their stores so they will most like take this route as their M&A team are pretty good at analysis and excution to get synergy out from the take over.