Samsung claims first place in Q3 2011 smartphone shipments, overtakes Apple

Over the past few weeks both Apple and Samsung have been highlighting the impressive results of their flagship devices. Apple boasted first weekend iPhone 4S sales of over 4 million, probably the next time we’ll hear something more is when they reach 10 million. Samsung just announced that the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II have combined total sales of over 30 million units.

Now that the Q3 smartphone manufacturer numbers are out, Strategy Analytics has compiled all the results and stated that “Samsung Becomes World’s Number One Smartphone Vendor in Q3 2011”. In Q3 2011, Samsung shipped 27.8 million smartphones and raked in 23.8% global market share. Apple slipped to second place with 17.1 million iPhones shipped, representing 14.6% market share. Even though Nokia has been in a heavy transition period they managed to hold onto 3rd place with 16.8 million smartphones shipped, claiming 14.4% market share. RIM, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola all make up the “others” category.

Strategy Anaytics also noted that global smartphone shipments grew 44% over last year to reach a record 117 million units (81 million smartphones shipped in Q3 2010). It’ll be interesting to see who takes top spot in the peak Q4 period because we’ll see the iPhone 4S results, the Galaxy S II lineup and the Galaxy Nexus, plus Nokia’s entry with Windows Phone devices.

Source: Business Wire