Samsung claims first place in Q3 2011 smartphone shipments, overtakes Apple


  • Eric

    Was going to say the same as Kylee. That’s pretty ridiculous.

  • Your mom

    It is funny though that people flock to buy inferior phones (Samsung) because they’re cheaper. Too bad that phone won’t last you as long as an iPhone.

    • EC

      lol shows how much you know, people were paying $800 for an SGSII when it first came out, some people paid over $1000 in Canada to get it shipped over night from the UK

      the Galaxy note will be about $800

      how are any of the samsung smartphones cheaper than the equiv iphone/windows phones?

  • Kylee

    Lmao! I can’t use the word i-d-i-o-t without it starring it like its a horrible word? Hahaha

    • chall2k5

      just do id10t…we all know it

  • kenypowa

    well, to be honest, many of Samsung’s smartphones are cheap, or they run BADA. Still, a very impressive feat.

    • Jordan

      If samsung phones are cheap, then you should throw out your iphone because it is 70% samsung parts. Also watch the shatter test that only the iphone completes and the s2 escapes with only minor scratches and chips.

  • elnene

    watch the iphone 4s vs samsung galaxy s2 drop tests on youtube and see how the iphone shatters lol

  • RealDeal83

    And now Apple will begin its slow decline, a la RIM

    • jhin

      so, it took 15 different phones (didnt count all of them) from samsung’s galaxy S line (1 and 2 with variants) to achieve 30 million in sales, over the course of a year, a bit more maybe, while the iphone 4s sold 4 million in one weekend…….
      yeah youre right, they are so going to go the way of RIM, absolutely no chance for them to get any more stock and sell iphones in other countries, and achieve an even higher number, its just nonsense.

  • Gab

    Apple will never die like Rim. Users are locked in because they have spent $100+ on shitty apps. To them buying the iOS again and again is basically saving money on apps.

  • Michael

    That’s what they said about RIM and BBM but they still died anyways.

  • EmperumanV

    Samsung sales will increase because now that they have their SGS II lines in the US carriers, plus Rogers got the SGS II LTE and Telus (SGS II X), people will buy them for sure, because of their frequencies. Wait till the Galaxy Nexus comes out next month, and that’ll improve sales. Oh ya don’t forget the Galaxy Notet 😛

  • Adam

    @Jhin, it’s Apple’s own arrogance that this is happening. Samsung is ahead because they have low/mid/high end phones, where as it seems that Apple doesn’t want business for low/mid income people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m actually happy that Samsung is ahead of Apple 🙂

    • jhin

      lol samsung is ahead because they have like, 7 variants for the galaxy s1 and the galaxy s2, which are all high end phones. to be honest they should have more sales considering how many they have out there, but i suppose its harder for android since its got so many options.

      as for apple well, its own arrogance is doing what exactly? generating 4 million sales in a weekend with millions of others waiting for new stock?…ok lol, um yay for arrogance then?..since its getting them record numbers. also, for the mid end, the 3gs is apperently super popular over on at&t, nothing close to the low end options of android but its to be expected. Q1 will be when apple’s numbers will really show since they JUST released the phone and still havnt had a chance to get in 2nd stock. which should make samsung worry since they pulled such a high number with 1 phone, in 1 weekend.

    • Jay

      @jhin: I love how everyone clings to Apple generating 4 million sales in a weekend. When you have 4 million i-diots switching from an iPhone 4 to a 4S just because they’ve been programmed to, that’s not a major feat. That’s media brainwashing on a massive scale. Harvard psychiatrists take note, with Apple’s brainwas… err, marketing scheme we could change the world!

  • trolol

    Did someone actually say this is the beginning of Apple’s decline?
    Because Samsung with a bunch of phones outshipped Apple with only 3?
    Get off this site please.

  • Bob

    @trolol, I would not say it is the beginning of Apple’s decline. I would lean more to say that is the beginning of Samsung’s dominance in the smartphone world. Apple will be relegated to a niche player like they are in the PC world. Fan-boys will still buy Apple products but that market won’t grow. It will remain steady but the Samsung and Android market will continue to grow.

    It does not matter how many phones you make, it is the number of phones you sell. That is what investors look at.

  • hurrdurr

    umad 1-10 steve?

    o wait.. too soon?

  • STL

    “It does not matter how many phones you make, it is the number of phones you sell. That is what investors look at”
    and I’ll add that what investors look at is the profit a company gets from their phone sales.
    No fuzz on it.
    Apple iPhone garners about 2/3 of the profit in the smartphone sales.
    So Samsung keep shipping the crapola. Maybe you can make up your losses via volume.

  • canadude

    So funny listening to all these Apple fanboys! LMAO

  • Jay

    For my money, Apple is going to learn just as RIM is learning now. Why? They refuse to give the people what they want. Time and time again RIM limited their phones, limited their advancements, and now they’ve fallen so far behind that it’ll take a major undertaking for them to rebound. The difference between RIM and Apple? Apple has a huge following due to their advanced marketing and media connections. They say they’re leaders in innovation, but once again with the 4S they’ve shown they’re just trying to keep up. It’s called media spin or propaganda.

  • drakejames

    looks like samsung smartphones are really giving a tough beat to the apple iPhone4S. It will be exciting to see who will be the winner in this cat vs rat fight.