Photos from upcoming Nokia 800 Windows Phone continue to tease

There is a good — no, excellent — chance the Stephen Elop will unveil at least one Windows Phone at Nokia World this week in London. An astute Flickr user has discovered, via the publicly-available EXIF data, a few shots from the upcoming Nokia 800 device, also known as Sea Ray.

As with most Nokia devices, the camera is likely going to be a standout feature, and we already know that the aperture is a very good f/2.2, with likely an 8MP sensor. There is also a good chance the the device will look a great deal like the Nokia N9, a MeeGo device which will never see the light of day in Canada.

We will be bringing you live coverage of Nokia World this Wednesday and Thursday, so join us then!

Source: The Nokia Blog
Via: WPCentral