RIM co-CEO claims upcoming BBX OS platform will ‘leapfrog the competition’


  • Chris

    Let’s me make a prediction… No it won’t.

    • Timothy

      The only thing that “Leapfrogs” is the native email Application for the Playbook that is “coming This Summer”. So that still hasn’t arrived and they announced something else??
      The article mentions the PR Blow; its all PR!! NOTE how they don’t have any solid dates; not for the email for the Playbook; not for the new QNX phones coming in Q1(or whatever they will call it). RIM is just trying to make noise and “ride the PR wave” tomorrow with the release of ICS. People and the media will unavoidable compare them to eachother, the difference is that ICS is a REALITY, QNX isn’t finished.

      RIM: Over promising and Under delivering, for a long time. They are running out of tricks to keep the stock above $20:
      (MS, Google,HP, HTC-Acquisitions; billionaires; the Patents they own etc.
      Fire the CEO’s tomorrow and watch the stock jumping to $30+ tomorrow! But it won’t happen, and the completion of QNX this year won’t happen either. I am very sorry for RIM; The Canadian Nokia and the “AVRO” of the 21st century.

  • Polaris


  • Matt


  • zar

    For their sake, I hope it will. Competition is good. Will it? Probably not.

  • jb

    It will be the first cross platform os. It will be a game changer.

    • A. Carmine

      First cross-platform? What?

  • Dor

    I am not a BlackBerry user, and never have been, but I am still very interested in what QNX will have to offer.

    • A. Carmine

      Just look at the Playbook, a browser, lack of apps, no native email… you get the idea.

  • jay

    I believe that it is technically possible for RIM to ‘leapfrog’ but with their leadership/culture I have serious doubts. Good luck RIM- I want to see you come back. Maybe take a more subtle approach until you have something to show us, however.

  • iTards

    I like Rim..I hope they will make it this time.. the playbook is amazing … I own 2 and so far its good but needs more applications

  • Alex

    Didn’t they say that about the playbook? Why believe them now? Until they get half a apps like iphone and android, people won’t switch. a phone is dumb, becomes smart after the apps are installed

    • bobbi singh

      RIM is not going to a lot release apps on their own. 3rd party developers are the ones that do it. Besides how many apps do you need anyways?

  • Seren

    oh cmon RIM, please stop making statements like this until you get a working prototype out for some 3rd party reviews.

    you’re over-promising again, and it’s really getting embarrassing when you can’t deliver on these promises.

    /owner of a 9900

  • Alex

    Half a million apps I meant

  • cellcon

    they just have to do what no mobile OS provides right now, until windows 8 arrives that is….

    Make a fully featured office suite that has both a phone and tablet UI. Some of the applications available are good but none are reall up to the task of serious work.

  • jjfurry

    RIM ‘n I had an affair 6 or 7 years ago. Lasted a while, but then 2 yrs ago it began to turn into a love/hate relationship… Which brings us to present. I still own one (Torch at this point) but have had to many issues over the last 2 yrs 🙁 I may just leave u BB… Samsung S2 LTE looks like she’s young ‘n fresh, ready for me to pick her right up. Hope she isn’t high maintenance!! LOL

  • hello

    Uhmmm… shouldn’t it be “Mike [Lazirdis] and me.”? It’s a grammatical thing, no?

    • Adam

      No, It should be “Mike [Laziridis] and “I””.

    • W B

      @Hello You are correct. @Moi is wrong. ‘Gramatically-speaking’ it should be ‘me’, not ‘I’. And I wish all the best to Blackberry with this new OS. I don’t want to see a successful Canadian brand fail at this stage of the game.

    • rj

      If you are going to make a grammar related comment, on a site where people discuss mobile tech, you should really brush up on your own first.

  • WirelessCluelessGuru

    BBM + raw power of Android and you’ve got me hooked also make sure widely used apps are closely integrated into the system.

  • moi

    Ummmmm…..no. He got it right…at least grammatically speaking.

    • W B

      @moi sorry, that should have been @Adam.

  • jjfurry

    RIM ‘n I had an affair 6 or 7 years ago. Lasted a while, but then 2 yrs ago it began to turn into a love/hate relationship… Which brings us to present. I still own one (Torch at this point) but have had too many issues over the last 2 yrs 🙁 I may just leave u BB… Samsung S2 LTE looks like she’s young ‘n fresh, ready for me to pick her right up. Hope she isn’t high maintenance!! LOL

  • user

    Hahahahahaha…..this is the funniest news of the year.

  • kenypowa

    Err Daniel, no one would call the Playbook a “mild success”. It SHIPPED 700,000 units to retailers, and many are not sold. The shipment dropped from 500,000 units in the first quarter available to 200,000 in the subsequent quarter.

    No matter how you look at it, the Playbook is a flop, both in terms of sales and features.

    • TeknoBug

      I like the Playbook, it’s a good tablet but it wasn’t marketed very well, it indeed hasn’t been selling well but then again what other non-iPad tablet has been selling well? Just about every one of them has been struggling because they’re not an iPad.

  • kman

    … so tell me again why I should drop a bunch of money on a 9900?

    Will I be able to upgrade to the new OS? If not, I’m WAY safer getting the Nexus Prime.

    /have 8+ blackberries so far… not sure if more are in my future.

  • Marc

    They can barely “leapfrog” their previous model of BlackBerry phone and the expect me to believe that they can do that to the competing mobile OS’? The only thing they could announce that would “leapfrog” the competition is full Android app compatibilty…. that is until tomorrow evening at 10PM EST when Google announces Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) with lots of core feature upgrades.

  • Dave

    What’s Rim really need is a new CEO, not this 2 evil clown.

    • Timothy

      Forget ” Leapfrog the competition” How about: “Leapfrog CEO’s!!”

  • Shill

    Jim Balsillie also said the Torch 9800 was going to leapfrog the competition. We all know how well that turned out. Jim needs to stop running his mouth and start delivering. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised – the same guy who said he would deliver a hockey team to Hamilton fell short of expectations. Story of his life.

  • bummy

    They’re announcing it TOMORROW??

    The same day ICS is being announced?!

    • kool guys

      joint venture with google?

      i hope they succeed cause they’re a Canadian company

  • Graison

    Good luck topping the nexus prime!

  • Matt EH

    Maybe if they mean by “the competition” as old Nokia phones

    • Timothy

      The competition at this point is Kyocera and Hawaei!

  • NM

    PlayBook has its price slashed because it’s a “mild success”? The PlayBook is boring. Not a lot of apps, no widgets.

    Jim is right about one thing, it is “more than Mike and I”. Add the word “do” to the end which is omitted but understood.

  • Danny McGuire

    Rimm should focus on making the best smartphones in the world and forget the tablet market! Make three different styles of phones and always stay ahead of the competition. GM use to be the largest auto maker and they took it for granite. The competition leaped frog ahead of GM and this is the same situation with Rimm. Rimm can make a comeback and be the best in the world again.

  • Harry

    RIM’s tablet is way better than iPad. It’s a great device and QNX is a great blend of webos and iOS feel. Sure apps are lacking but what you need to work are there.

    Hoping that RIM finally gets it together and stays strong.

    (I own a iPhone 4, Samsung focus windows phone, palm Pre phone, RIM Playbook, iPad 2, windows 8 tablet, and a Thinkpad android tablet…. So this is my experienced opinion.)

  • schultzter

    Maybe if QNX had bought RIM I would believe they’re about to leap frog the competition.

    But when you mentioned QNX is used by nuclear power plants I just imagined the next restitution package would be “$100 worth of (shitty) apps to everyone affected – even if they don’t glow in the dark.”

  • Domingo

    You’re either born with it or you’re not. They fluked success 15 years ago but holy crap, how can you throw it away the way they have. More examples of how education is one thing and inteligence is another. For example, Steve Jobs (the facsist that the was) was educated and VERY inteligent. That’s how you get a company like Apple. Simple education gets you companies like RIM who keep screwing up and lack any imagination.

    • TeknoBug

      “they fluked success 15 years ago” ? They didn’t fluke with the introduction of text email pagers, that’s basically what started the SMS innovation and it was the thing for the deaf to communicate with, at least the group of deaf people I used to work and hang out with back in the 90’s.

  • TeknoBug

    On CBC news they just said RIM is trying to win back app developers, and then this pops up? hahah

    I like QNX, it’s been around for decades and is common in industrial equipment and I used to boot QNX on a 1.44″ floppy disk. But this won’t save RIM unless they do it right (*cough* like Apple) and then of course there’s the media that’ll make things look ugly.

  • brando

    well thats some big talk for a company thats not doing so well, i do hope it does live up to what they announced it to be or at least at par with ice cream sandwich just in the qnx or bbx way got the playbook and to me it out preforms the htc flyer, asus trans., samsung 10.1 i tried and owed them playbook lived up to multi tasking and smooth running owell for native apps just us the internet or pair with the bold, they converted me in the end to their phone lol, anyways best to you rim, hope its not another smoke and mirrors trick

  • the_spaniard

    I hope they do well with this announcement. I have not used a BB in years. I have been with Android and love it. However this is a Canadian company and I want to see them do well 🙂

  • Jason

    It’s about the apps stupid!