Solo Mobile releases first Android device, Samsung Galaxy Gio now available


  • Shawn B

    Solo is still around?

    • phoneguy

      GO PM!!! SOLO SUCKS!!

  • Britbloke

    That pricing is a joke! You can get the Bell prepaid (no contract) version of this phone from Futureshop for $149 (it was actually as low as $70 a couple of weeks ago).

    And as Solo is Bell, there’s no need to unlock it either.

  • Alex Perrier

    It’s not enough for Solo to simply get an Android because their plans aren’t appealing. Plus, a $20 discount for a two-year contract is laughable.

    The only data plan is $10 for 100 MB with a pricey 15¢/MB overage. Certainly not “Canada’s most affordable rates”, their slogan.

    Unlimited talk and text? That’s $45 and only includes local calls, not Canada-wide like Koodo.

    Solo should do like Chatr and allow any HSPA+ handset on their unlimited prepaid network. It’s just that Bell is unwilling to offer unlimited plans en masse.

  • schultzter

    I know Telus grabbed the Samsung Ace but I wish Bell would pick it up too – it seems to be priced the same as the Gio and it’s a nicer phone while still fitting into the “budget” category.

  • Josh15

    Well this was quite the shocker to read

  • Llort

    I have one 1 friend who uses Solo, and that says a a lot, because I have a LOT of friends, since I am a very popular girl. Hihi!

    • phoneguy

      @ Llort…whats ur email miss popular? lol

  • TheDeysion