Virgin rolls out new $50 Unlimited Talk and Text plan, forgets to include Call display and Picture Messaging


  • Marco

    Looks similar to Koodo’s $45 UL canada wide talk plan. With koodo for $10 more you’d add CID, VM and UL sms/mms.

    Not bad though, without wind or mobi I doubt we would have seen unlimited canada wide calling plans from the big 3 at all, let alone at this price.

  • Rashypoo

    This plan is a fail, I don’t know if its still avaliable but you could have done:
    $35 for Local
    $5 for CAN LD
    $10 for VM and CID

    BOOM better plan for $50 AND that would inclund picture messaging!

    • Marco

      Only problem with that is the $35 plan you’re referring to is limited to a handful of major cities. Travel outside of those cities and you’re incurring extra minutes at 40c/minute.

    • Brayden

      You can’t add the $5 LD to the $35 city plan. The $10 LD is expired. FYI.

  • Aziz

    @Rashypoo Thats a much better deal. I currently have that with City Fido.

  • Toysandme

    I can assure you they didn’t “forget” to include caller display. This is just to suck customers into a more expensive plan than what they were prepared for. We are very good at hiding real costs here in Canada. I tell everyone I know to always start with caller ID when they shop around for a plan. Insist on seeing all hidden fees and then add the taxes and multiply by 36. This is when they realize their $49 phone costs upwards of $2000.

    Sites such as MS should mention the true cost of phones tied up to 3 year contracts.

    • Zod

      Not every dollar of your monthly plans goes to subsidizing your phone.

      Say your phone retails for 600. If you sign a 3 year contract you get it for 100. So thats 500 they subsidize over 3 years. 500/36= 13.88 a month.

      So if I’m on a $55/month smartphone plan, I figure my plan is actually costing me $41/month, and the other 14 is basically paying for my phone. I don’t look at it, as if the whole monthly cost goes to paying off my smartphone.. lol.

    • eternalkid

      Virgin does not have other fees except the 911 fee.
      You’re not paying for your phone also.
      For a smartphone of 500$, Virgin pays 13.88$ a month on the phone, no matter if your plan is 50,60, 70 or 25 a month.

  • Matt

    The 50 dollar plan doesnt sound that great. Also stupid that you cannot get a decent smartphone when you pick that plan.

  • Awkward Turtle

    I don’t think I would ever pay 50$ for a plan that didn’t include data.