Rogers sends text to “valued” customers about how they “could be first in line in Canada for the next iPhone”


  • Steve Jobs

    we shall sue!

  • Betty Koyle

    first to sign another overpriced 3 year contract.. sign me up!

  • Jake

    “Please let us know when we can take your money for not only the sh******t phone, but also the sh******s prices!

    • iturds

      haha so true! the problem is Apple doesn’t respect their customers! like c’mon every few months they release an iPhone and it is still over prices and the older models stay over priced! doesn’t make any sense but I guess it is the art of rejection.. the more Apple steps on its own customers.. the more they worship it

  • MacMan156

    Hell yeah. Super overpriced data for a data sucking phone. Just what my wallet wants.

  • James

    Betty, overpriced contracts? They don’t cost a thing! You’re free to buy the phone out right…

  • Dom

    Let me guess these “valued customers” are the ones who are off contract or just about to be off contract.

  • jon

    well guess i’m not a valued customer 🙁

  • iturds

    the valued customers are starbucks customers? who change their iPhone every few months and stay humilated inlines to get that phone for months? lol iTURDS.. omggg I forgot to put make up! so people in starbucks can see I am cool! omg omg omg!

    • Shawn

      HAHA I love the comments on this site, all paupers who can’t afford an iPhone and are bitter becuase of it.

      No, I don’t use an iPhone, but I could buy one if I wanted to, you can’t.

      Now go ahead and thumb down this post – but before you do – consider how pathetic your life is.

  • human

    valued customers = people who pay $300/month on their phone bills…

    • iturds

      lol or the people who keeps renewing their contract once every iPhone is released so now they have a 9 years contract lmao

  • Stevenn:)

    Why would I reserve a phone where I don’t even know what it is , and the specs ?

    • iturds

      Because if you are an Apple loyal customer then you shouldn’t question that and pay and reserve without knowing.. so you can become a cool guy! then go to starbucks and tell people that you reserved it! no questions ask.. just pay for something you havent seen before.. lol .. thats why they are called iTurds.. because they never use their brain 😀

  • zar

    I love how that guy Shawn assumes that we bash Apple cause we can’t afford their product, and yet he’s the light of us, because he can.

    You dumba$2! I can buy an iPhone whenever I want, full price, legally or not. I’m not buying one however cause it’s an overpriced device IMO, an opinion shared by most people posting here it seems.

    Don’t get too full of yourself.

  • MARS

    Wonder how many customers will jump from Wind/Mobi for the next iPhone.

    Imagine if there was an AWS version of this phone..this would have truly changed the game in the Canadian cellphone market!!!

  • Jay

    No point in trying to hype what is a waste of money. The next gen of Android phones are where it’s at. The Nexus Prime is like a deliciously exotic champagne, whereas the next iPhone is like piss water, which is a step up from s**t that was the previous model, I suppose.

  • rg

    people arguing about what’s better; iphone or android. Reminds me, as a kid, arguing over super Nintendo or Sega genesis.

    super Nintendo’s better

  • Dave

    Thank you Robbers. I want a 6 years contract.. sign me up! could I be the first in Canada? Please!

    • iturds

      Unfort.. you can’t because the iTurds are gonna sign a 12 years contract so they can get it and show off, it doesn’t matter.. Osap will pay for it..

  • joey

    rogers is a g@y fuking company that continues to screw everyone. fuk you rogers and fuk your stupid so called fuking good deals u stupid fuking c unts

  • TeknoBug


    shut up and take my money!!!

  • roman129

    If Rogers considers you a valued customer, it’s a good indication that you should shop around for better plans.

  • Big 3

    If iPhone 5 comes out with LTE specs..good luck on your monthly bills..that’s if you read the comments on that LTE poll..

  • Nobel

    Apple and Rogers. What a combination!!! Two companies with everything overpriced. Birds of the same feather flock together.

  • Domingo

    LOL they’ll only suck in the most diseased apple fan boy minds with this. Reserve for 40 a phone I know nothing about about? LOL, clearly a valued customer. I can’t wait to see all the losers waiting in line for this phone. It’s one of biggest indicators to me of how big the apple fanboy losers are. Waiting in line to spend their money on a phone not on sale, but rather overpriced. I’m sure if they could they’d give their helper a tip. LOL

  • Ann Monis

    Guess I am not a valued customer, even though I have been with them for almost a decade now and they make a killing off me.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      Ann they value you so do not worry. I am sure MJ will tell you the same! Have no doubt they will sell out on the iphone so just sit back and wait.. unline the windies they can just watch from the outside looking in and wish, no pray they get a new handset from the dieing frequency they are saddled with.. sad bit of news about the merger.. AT&T now going ahead.. aws is dead.. what to do what to do? is Boris going to inject more cash into wind? it has been said he is in talks to sell it to mobli.. 1 billion in the hole.. sorry mj the all you can eat buffet is closed today..

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    I just heard that Jabroni got the same txt! what a slap in the face that is!!