The Droid RAZR is real, and it’s awesome


  • Miguel A

    FIRST! woohoo 🙂

    i know that may annoy some people but let me have my moment lol

    • RIM Sucks

      Will this be available in Canada? I thought that “Droid” was a Verizon thing?

    • A. Carmine

      They will most likely rename it to something so that Verizon can keep their “Droid” branding, since they did pay George Lucas to use the trademark… I suspect that they’ll probably call it the “Motorola RAZR HD 4G”

  • monsterduc1000

    At least this is a better effort than the Atrix 2 I have been reading about. This one at least has improved clock speed with a much better screen as well other goodies thrown in as well.

    BUT, I have owned two moto phones and both crapped out on me so even if I was in the market for a new phone, I would pass on this one.

    I have tasted the sweet nectar that is the Nexus and I shall never go back. (And in saying that, I hope Moto doesn’t build a Nexus…which might now be an inevitability with Google pitching for Moto Mobile…)

  • mda

    Well the razor worked once for them, it might again

  • Downhill Dude

    Samsung always keeps the latest AMOLED tech for themselves. Super AMOLED “Plus” is out, so Moto can now have Super AMOLED. Newest Sammy’s coming out have a 1.5GHz dual-core, so this Moto is already behind the curve.

    If you want yesterday’s tech, buy Moto…

    • Wayne

      To be fair 99% of people really don’t care about the internal specs of a phone. If its .2 Ghz slower than the highest end phone its not that big of a deal. People seem to forget the masses care nothing about this stuff.

  • g-man

    that design is an insult to the legendary razor name.

  • Nick

    I’m honestly at the point where I could close my eyes, throw a wet noodle at a pile of next year’s smartphones, and be perfectly happy with the phone it sticks to.

    There will always be differences in phone specs, but soon it’ll be more about feel and design than which one has the extra 0.2GHz of clock speed. Once every phone can do everything you do 90% of the time, performance will be almost indistinguishable except for gaming.

  • Ra

    @downhill dude , not very true, Sony arc and nexus s were good phones but they didn’t sell very well because they were not dual core etc.

  • mda

    Actually, Samsung is not the only one with Super AMOLED screens, Nokia also puts it on their phones (MobileSyrup, u even put it in your reviews).

  • th

    Samsung phones aren’t the only ones who have the amoled screen. HTC’S google nexus one also has a super amoled acreen.

    • Wayne

      Nexus one had an Amoled, not Super Amoled. 🙂

      All the amoled screens are made by Samsung anyway. Heh.

  • Betty Koyle

    Conning soon on a 5 year contract

    Love the big 3

  • mda

    The Moto Razr was as revolutionary to the mobile industry as the iPhone.

  • Claudiu

    Too bad it has a 4.3″. 4″ would have been perfect for a more compact size.

  • raz

    This droid better be amazingly thin to earn its second name of Razor. The old razors were incredibly thin flip phones, compared to what the market held at that time. So this one ought to be around 5-6mm thin to revolutionize the smartphone market, at least in terms of size.

    Though considering the chance of breaking it while having it in my pocket, I’m not sure I’d want a device so thin.

    So now that I think about it, why make a Droid “Razr” to begin with?! Oh yeah, money grab

  • kardi

    Dear RIM
    I hope you’re paying very close attention to what your competitiors are doing. Take note of what is the “norm” (in terms of specs) on smart/superphones these days. Please design the QNX devices accordingly. That is all.


      _F_: The keyboards on blackberries are bigger than the screens.

      Thank you, and lets all cheer the demise of RIM!

  • Brad F

    “What do you think?”

    I think the “and it’s awesome” really sensationalizes the title, especially for a phone that’ll be considered “old” in as little as 6 months (or whenever quad-core Android phones start coming out, or 720p screens, etc).

  • nuclearbroccoli

    Specs sound great, but I don’t care much for the design.
    To each their own though.

  • freestaterocker

    Why, oh why will nobody release a genuine superphone running WP7/Mango?!

    • Sean

      Ggett a Focus S . WP78 doesn’t need monster specs because the os doesn’t need monster specs

    • A. Carmine

      @Sean – Glad to see that there are more people out there that “get it”. When it comes to WP7 and iOS, they don’t need monster specs because it runs so smoothly out of all the OSs available.

  • Sunny

    How is it a RAZR except by name? It looks very similar to a lot of phones out there.

    • Baba Yaga

      It’s will be thinner than any other smartphone out there, just like RAZR used to be the thinnest flip-phone back in the day.

  • PWN3D

    I love how people think companies are in the wrong for attempting ‘cash grabs’; its a fkn business not a charity.

  • Cody

    I can see this selling a ton because of the name, and the sleek design were not used to seeing from Motorola. Mixing two of their most successful names together is a great idea.
    And Canada is looking good, We had Razr’s and we had the droid 1 and 3 in the form of “milestone”

  • A. Carmine

    “And since, in the US, AT&T and Verizon are rolling out extensive LTE networks, while in Canada Rogers and Bell are doing the same (with rumours of Telus to follow) it’s likely going to be a big winter for us.:”

    Lets be real, Bell & Telus are one in the same. They use the same GSM network.

    • Ryan B

      Indeed. Have you heard of when they (Telus/Bell) plan to roll out LTE and begin sales of this phenomenal phone?

  • Justin J

    Not super thin,
    Not sexy,
    Not a flip,
    Not a RAZR.

  • zar

    @Carmine, super specs are not necessarily required by the OS, but by certain applications.

    To give you an example from the other OS you aluded to be the culprit… HTC Incredible S, not a lot more superior compared to an iPhone. The phone runs great, no apparent lag or anything. It’s just that certain games for instance won’t run as great. That is all.

  • Daddy-Chicken

    This is what the Atrix 2 Should have been/or should be. Of course it needs a fingerprint scanner as well.

    Sounds like a nice phone, but not relevant to me yet. LTE seems to be too new to matter to me in Manitoba on Telus. I will hold pat. For those in LTE areas with upgrades coming to their hardware perhaps an option. For me, who is almost up to a year on my Atrix… not really compelling yet.