TELUS LG Optimus Black to be available in White


  • Thomas

    That’s ironic

  • gjac0m

    “Hey! I’ve got a white Optimus Black!”

    Sound funny haha!

  • Alex Perrier

    This is a very decent mid-entry phone. The best part is the bootloader is unlocked which makes it easy to overclock and install custom ROMS. 🙂

  • 0defaced



    • Akbar

      Stop trolling

    • 0defaced

      that’s not trolling, that’s a joke

      just like you


  • saffant

    As if the current naming schemes were’t bad enough…and now this.

  • F-A-C-T F-I-N-D-E-R

    Alex Perrier is a TROLL.

    Thank you

  • Scott Henderson

    this phone sucks

    • Kevin

      Posted on I like this site its a masetr peace ! Glad I discovered this on google. Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door. by Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

  • skinnypig

    I’m going to wait for the LG Optimus White in Black…

  • Oink

    @ Scott Henderson

    Please stop trolling. It’s bad enough that we have to put up with Alex Perrier’s crap. We don’t need more trolls. Thank you.

    • Scott Henderson

      shut your mouth before I cut you up and serve pork sausages out of you, you twit

  • Oink

    @ Scott Henderson

    What you said can be construed as a death threat. Unless you want to go to jail, I suggest you do us all a favour and stop trolling on Mobile Syrup. Thank you.

    • Scott Henderson

      LOL – death threat. i am really scared. Go call the IP cops – dumb fool

    • Harold The Barber

      wow are you in grade 3 Oink? lol Scott sounds like a queef and you sound like a bigger one

  • Ricardo

    LG makes smartphones?

  • Evidence Gatherer

    Harold The Barber isn’t really a barber!