Canadians send 8 billion text messages a month, according to TELUS


  • Not a surprise

    The big 3 give so few minutes every month that texting is necessary to avoid overage charges.

  • Robbers and BHell

    Yes, thats why nobody does anything lol everybody is msging at work or at home or even on the beach haha but this is life! e-life!

  • bummy

    whats the point of these research. honestly.

    • KidCanada

      That the big 3 need to offer more nationwide minutes like koodo, then sms usage wouldn’t be this high.

    • Canach

      My guess is that this is a prequel to the big 3 being able to justify no longer offering unlimited text messaging packages.

    • Mike

      Tho point is, that the wireless companies will find ways to capitalize even more on this phenomenal usage. Almost every body is hooked on a cell phone already, almost everybody is a text junkie. Just think how much they would profit by raising the cost of individual messages by 5 cents or text bundles by a buck or 2! And they have, and we still use without complaint.

    • Joefish

      I agree completely. The research (as presented in this article, at any rate) makes absolutely NO connection to similar datasets in other countries. So I have nothing to compare its numbers with.

      Duh. People send text messages. It adds up to a lot in every developed country. Tell me something I don’t know.

  • Rahul

    Does anyone know which phone is shown in the picture?

    • todd

      the phone in picture is a LG keybo

  • Jerrik

    Why do people always have something to complain about no matter what the topic is? What is the point of complaining?

  • krstnlndsy

    @Rahul looks like the keybo2

  • roman129

    I’m responsible for 2 of those.

  • Jay

    This just in, Rogers discontinuing unlimited text messaging. New plans start at 250 texts per month for 25 $ and up.

  • LordWarren

    This is because there are now too many Pinoys in Canada 😀