Nvidia CEO confirms quad-core Android tablets coming this year


  • Colin

    I don’t even have a quad core in my PC. I guess it’s easier to increase the core count then to actually improve the architecture.

  • raynz

    A quad core mobile chip is not on the same level as a PC. So wont be as fast. But I have been aching to pick up a tablet and don’t want to go and buy one of the tegra 2 tablets with this just coming around the corner. Really need that second form of access to internet for the wife who’s always using my computer, this will be a nice second device to have around the house. I’m hoping the rumors of the transformer 2 to be true. Very much looking forward to this! =D

  • Nascar39

    I was really considering buying a tablet before the end of the month but this news will have me waiting for the quad core tablets!!!

  • Mark

    The technology in mobile devices is advancing faster than it was for computers in the 90’s. It is a very exciting time to be watching this stuff evolve (inb4 skynet). But also a shame that my flagship handset from last year is nearly obsolete today… [sigh]

    • Nick

      Don’t get too sad… your awesome phone from last year is just as awesome as it was, it’s just that progress is going at an insane pace.

      I have a Nexus S and every now and then I get a little sad seeing the new phones that are coming out… then I realize that my phone still has more power than computers did 10 years ago. Pretty insane.

    • KingK

      Too bad there’s barely any software to take advantage of it.

      Mostly crap apps and crap games with crap graphics.

      Only gameloft and nvidia tegra 2 games barely use any of the power.

  • ELNY

    Yeah this is a crazy mobile world we live in now. Regular PC/laptop innovations have almost come to standstill. I upgraded my PC last year, Oct. 2010, with fairly high end parts (I’m a gamer) and it still plays today’s games without a hiccup and its extremely fast.

    Meanwhile, I got my HTC Desire in August 2010 and it is completely obsolete, fairly fast but you can tell the design, speed, etc is all outdated. The iphone 4 seems ancient tech now and even phones like the Motorola Atrix look like bricks within less than 9 months of release. Crazy!

  • human

    I I guess it’s time to throw my laptop and desktop out…

  • Reggie Noble

    Battery life? 15 Minutes.

    • FuzzyLogic

      The battery life is documented to be around 8 hours.
      We’ll probably get the details next Tuesday at the BUILD conference since it is supposed to be unveiled there.

  • rulerxy

    The big question I have for this is why? Have they even released apps that support dual core? This just seems like way too much way too early.

    • BB Addict


    • Mark

      Why? Are you serious?? People will pay for it, that’s why. Makes money = start production immediately.

  • EmperumanV

    Hmm good thing I didn’t invest money on another Android tablet. Guess I’ll wait for the Kal-Els to roll in :P.

  • Nick


    I’m surprised how fast companies one-up themselves these days. It seems like they’ve barely had time for Tegra 2’s to show what they can do. Oh well, I don’t know how NVIDIA is making money off it, but that’s not my problem. Bring on the 8-cores in June 2012! 😀

  • drankid


  • Anthony E.

    Well, whenever the quad core tablets come out, all the dual core ones should drop in price. I’ll go buy one of the dual core ones then.

  • ruddias

    How fast do you really need something to be? Lag sucks, but everything is becoming obsolete! Like really, I don’t mind waiting and extra 10 seconds for something to load.
    *sigh* ADHD society…

  • skrutor

    Maybe now we can play high def video on tablets. Tegra2 didn’t like 720p and 1080p very much.

  • Saffant

    Dice player 😉