BlackBerry Torch 9860 now available at TELUS


  • Xer

    Anything on a three year term should be free.

    • aka

      if you run a company, XER, it would fail in less than 1Q.

  • KidCanada

    Seriously its Canada, we can’t even get call display and voicemail free.

  • Bobby

    @ KidCanada, voicemail is included with all TELUS plans

  • Guy

    This phone is $hit. Storm was better

  • Steve

    @Guy You’ve got to be kidding. The Storm was the worst BlackBerry in memory. We have one in the office and it got passed around a lot as everybody wanted something else. Surepress was an absolute joke. The new BlackBerry lineup is awesome and these are by far the best RIM has ever made.

  • KidCanada

    Still call display for 6-8 bucks is pricy and plus not everyones with Telus so we do pay for it seperately.

    • aka

      seriously, you’re complaining about paying 20 cents a day to have CallerID? here’s a tip, stop buying that coffee for one morning, or one pack of cigarette a month. probably healthier for you anyway.

  • @TorontoWireless

    last friday rogers had it available online but when you purchase it they later say that its backorder, today is now tuesday they have my money and its still backordered. Rogers keep the phone and shove it up your a$$

  • Cory

    I called Telus to order this phone today and the guy said that the pricing is wrong in their system, it comes up as $299.99 so he couldn’t sell it to me. He told me to do on-line and buy it. I go online and when I try to add it to cart, I get a message saying item not available. What a joke.

    • Cory

      Ok, I called Telus back (had no wait time either), talked to someone different and now my phone is on it’s way to me. Telus you rock.

  • Rj

    The phones are trickling into Rogers locations. Today I was in a store in Toronto which received 1 unit and a customer bought it basically as they were receiving the stock….

  • Brian

    To pricey in my opinion for a basic smartphone. $549.99 is a joke lol. for that price you can buy the top of the line Samsung Galaxy S2 superphone which is 100 times better than this piece of junk blackberry. sgs2 has way better specs for 2011. this bb has 2009 specs