RIM officially announces “BBM Music”


  • Donovan aka Hardened

    WOW! Impressive and with a great start. BBM is primed for music … as music by its very existence, nature and how it moves ppl, crossing all languages and cultures, and ages, knowing NO BOUNDS is by its definition … social.

    • Joe

      Did you see lots of pretty colors swirling around while you were posting that comment?

  • Daniel AJ

    50 songs for 60$/year? Honestly? Welcome to 2003!

  • KidCanada

    @Daniel – that’s only when you’re creating a profile not streaming. And also its up to 50 songs per contact not a grand total of 50 so you can keep removing and adding new songs to that playlist as you wish.

  • Kenny

    who cares, whatsapp is way better, and can be used with Iphone, blackberry and Android.

  • Preacher

    price is wrong. rdio gives you unlimited songs for $10 a month. if my friends arnt on bbm music then im screwed.

    ontop of that Telus gives free subscriptions for rdio. if they do the same with bbm might be ok to help launch it

  • Welsh

    iTunes is so screwed.

  • V-Dawg

    But you don’t get to download the songs in MP3 format? FAIL.

  • Joe

    This is one of the stupidest ideas ever! really? I can only put 50 songs in my library? Yes, I know I could add my ‘friends’ library, but who cares what music they listen to. And to be able to add their music to my library, it means that they too are paying the $4.99 monthly fee. This is an unbelievably pathetic cash grab and anyone who signs up for it is an absolute moron. I have a few thousand mp3’s on my sd card in my phone and I don’t pay a cent to listen to any of them. Man, what a joke!

    • Mike

      @Joe – ‘stupidest ideas ever!’ Exaggerate much?

      I wouldn’t sign up for this, have never owned a blackberry. But there are still a lot of blackberry users around the world who would love a music app like this. Even music streaming apps on android are very limited in Canada (Jango, Grooveshark, Galaxie?). I think its finally a good idea that if executed properly can help turn RIM around. Well, this and the android app support being talked about.

      btw, you at one point paid, I hope, for your few thousand mp3s which is a good thing. Not everyone is interested in owning every song they listen to and only want the flavour of the month.

    • Joe

      @Mike – if you happen to use twitter, you’ll notice that ‘BBM Music’ is trending at the moment. (naturally, based on the announcement). Have a look at some comments – you’ll notice that 95% of the people share the same sentiment with the comment I posted above.

  • EmperumanV

    Looks like RIM is trying to find a way to increase sales. Kind of too late.

  • KidCanada

    @Joe – Tell that to Slacker radio, rdio, and all the radio/music streaming subsciption apps. RIM is just jumping onto the bandwagon.

  • TeknoBug

    Nice attempt, but I don’t like the limitations.