Rogers giving $100 off Bold 9900, Torch 9810 and PlayBook until September 30th


  • MXM4K

    These prices are better, and probably was done because Telus and Bell had better prices.

  • Mike

    Didn’t someone on mobilesyrup say give it a month and they’ll drop to $99 when they announced it for $250?

  • Xperienc3

    “only for new activations”…..any chance eligible HUPs will get this price?

    • Tyler

      @Xperienc3 No chance.
      @Omar It’s probably an in-store promotion.

  • Omar

    wait I just went on Rogers mobility the website hoping to take advantage of this offer but it wasn’t there & It was still priced at 199$ on a 3 yr term.. what’s going on ? thanks ! (bold 9900)

    • blairmn

      did you even read the article? it says the $100 will be credited to your 2nd bill

  • Steve

    Just Rogers getting it’s contract pricing in line with Telus and Bell. The 9900 is actually selling very well, the 9810 not as much.

  • Jonesy1966

    Saner heads prevailed it seems.

  • FreddyE

    I saw this in the 24 paper this morning, but not sure if it actually applies to the Playbook. Doesn’t have pricing beside it, it’s the wifi version so there’s no contracts available and it says “Just Released Blackberry Smartphones”.

    Think the Playbook is just chilling in the background. Wanted to be part of the photoshoot.

  • Jeeverz

    It is a promotion done by Rogers Wireless Dealer. Just like how Futureshop and Bestbuy knock off $$ on activations. This is not done by Rogers HQ so upgrading pricing with still be the same

  • Harold the Barber

    Drop the price to $0 then people might buy it

  • Mr. Market

    Sweet, I am buying one now. I was going to buy an iPhone but same price as a BlackBerry and I get BBM! iPhone is great for fart apps and nothing else

  • Gordon Gekko

    So much for iPhone’s! They will be $0 soon since Apple is dead. Blowout inventory sale! lol

  • Julio

    omg new activations only…

  • jb

    Just call rogers and say i want that price and they will give it i got mine from customer relayions 69.95

    • Andrew

      What phone did you have previously? How many months did you have left on your contract?

    • Julio

      I’d also like to know the answer to Julio’s question.

  • Julio

    @jb, really?! is this the number you call? 1-888-ROGERS1
    i have my own smartphone but i also have a regular cell eligible for an upgrade and upgrading to this would give them more money. i wonder if they would give me this promo

  • Julio

    Are you talking to me Andrew? Anyway, I have a LG xenon and am between 24-25 months

  • kman

    Given the mega-shift to QNX and/or Android on BBerry devices next year, the current lineup will have to be cheap indeed before I would plunk down any money for the last hurrah of BBOS.

  • James

    im 9 months into my three year contract. would i really have to pay $20 for every remaining month to do a HUP to the 9900?

  • rogers what a rip off

    their giving a $100 off promo because they over charged for these devices and now its at the right price. which should of been like this at the beginning.

  • VeZZ

    Bell have now the same promotion, instore only

  • Joe Bullock

    The 100 off is only if you buy a PlayBook at the same time as either a bold or Torch. Heads up

  • dparker54

    Wrong. I work for a Rogers dealership. The computer automatically takes the $100 off in-store. 3 year, new activations only.

  • Jeffrey

    is this regional?

  • jon

    just wondering if i want one for an upgrade for rogers, my contract is over a week ago, can i get it for 99.