CNET: RIM in talks with record labels, “BBM Music” beta coming soon?


  • Hub

    Let’s see it not being available in Canada.

    • TomatoGuy

      RIM should first talk to carriers about setting competitive prices for its new smartphones. No point launching new services on a platform people aren’t buying devices with.

  • JL

    Fail. Focus on getting QNX instead of stuff that won’t save the company.

    • skullan

      Have you ever heard of components in a product? The people that are doing this, are not going to be the ones that are working on porting the QNX OS in.

      This is added value and needs to be done.

  • Michael r

    Bbm has so much potential but they just sit around and flounder on it!!
    Come on RIM!!

  • the master

    RIM sucks! Can’t innovate so they steal from Apple. At least Apple knows how to innovate. Hopefully Apple crushes RIM and sues them to death!

    • KeiFeR123

      This is the most stupid response I ever read…Grade 1 kid has a better idea than you. Grow up….

    • skullan

      You’re absolutely right! In fact, I bet you that RIM took the idea to stream music to people in their native messaging app right from Apple!

      Oh, wait a minute, what native messaging app does Apple have? Oh, that’s right the one not implemented yet, but sounds awfully like BBM.

      RIM is innovative compared to Apple.

    • blairmn

      i don’t know which is worse, the original comment for being so dumb or the top rated response from the guy who sounds like he just got off the boat from china. “That is the most stupid response i ever heard, grade 1 kid has better idea then you”. Wow you two should sit down and have a conversation.

  • Lucky

    I thought BBM stands for BlackBerry Messenger…..? Confusing

  • Brayden

    Awesome! This is the perfect thing for my awesome new Blackberry Curve.. I love the new curve! It’s so awesome to go 12 hours between charge!

  • tom

    whatsapp app works better

  • tom

    and better yet whatsapp app works on all smartphones

  • ELNY

    Umm….why bother with this when you can get your music for free?

  • neo

    even with bbm music it won’t save the sinking titanic (RIM)

  • Paul Q

    Just fire those moron CEOs already. F**k.

  • paul

    Exactly why bother buying music anymore, and all these music artists driving around in ferarri’s and living in mansions for just making simple music. These music artists need to start living like normal working day people making $50,000 – $100,000 per year. Whats the point at buying music when you can just simply download it online for free now. Music Cd’s are way over prices these days, perhaps if they lowered the price to $2 bucks a cd than more people would buy CD’s.

    • R

      I still buy CDs.

  • Anon

    Why would I buy a CD when I only like 3 songs?

  • Randy

    @ R your probably part of the 2% that still buys CD’s. Online its free, and then just stick it in your Ipod, Micro SD Card, or MP3 player and listen to them knowing you didn’t get ripped off. And plus with CD’s there’s usually only 2-3 songs on there you like, and the rest sucks, and you wasted you money on the songs you don’t like. Online get the exact songs you want and its awesome cause its free of charge. These music Artist make enough money anyway and I’m living in a low income so why feed them my money which I need for myself anyway. I like free when I can have it free. same with Movies, why pay to go see movies in Theatre when after two days of the release you can just download it online for free.

  • vikram singh

    joy is a i***t hu works with telus ..luks like a g*y

  • shio

    ethan luks like a s**t

  • trevor

    I totally agree with Tom, whatsapp is a lot better than bbm

  • trevor

    and can be used with Iphone, android, bb, and nokia, more range of people to talk to, than just sad old bb bbm buddies

  • Quagmire

    RIP iTunes

  • Gareth Brown

    I like. you like. we like? sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Wicker

    hit me on my blackburrrrry hit me on my blackburrrrrrrry