Mobilicity makes Western Canada outage right, gives customers wallet credit or 3 months free voice mail


  • sim

    We didn’t get anything when there was a Toronto Outage ! Bullshit ! That’s unfair.

    • michael

      Well, at least when that happened it wasn’t 3 zones at once!

    • Ron

      There is no other wireless carrier quite like Mobilicity. They are fantastic.

  • KidCanada

    Now that’s what I call great customer service. Take notes Rogers!

  • Mobilicity FTW

    As my name says…Mobilicity FTW!

  • hap

    Rogers has great customer service atleast they speak english proprly not from phillipenes and they have good retention plans

    • Dave

      And you’re just come out from a cave? so sad!



  • choy

    If this happened to Rogers, they will compensate their subscribers by extending their contracts to the equivalent amount of time they were down. If there was no service, your contract shouldn’t be running.

  • happyboy

    to bad wind and mobilicity dont have coverig wher i live

  • rhaimus

    Wait until there customer base growes and then see how proactive they are with things like this.

  • JP

    Pretty reasonable response. Dave Dobbin himself replied to one of my tweets at him when I asked who pulled the plug on YVR.

  • mike

    Weird, Back haul outage (Micro wave) is expected but Fiber should have redundancy… This sounds like minor leagues stuff

  • jim

    Moblicity is still in business?

  • apollo

    I’m sure all 200 of their western customers will be very happy with a $24 credit.

    • 0defaced

      and here goes Apollo looking stupid again…..forget your meds again sugar?

  • Guest

    This what you get with the noobs, this is why I stay with the big 3!!!

    Who cares about 3 months free, I would lose so much money per day if this happened to me as my cell is for my business.

    These small time companies are great for cheap lil kids who cant afford a cell!

    BIG 3 = For the true money makers that runs a business!

  • Dave

    Try to get credits from Robelus. LOL

    • Dave

      And you’re probably going to get a new fee from Robelus – “Outage Fee”

  • rikin

    @Guest. Surprised to see a true business man is trolling on mobile syrup. lol

  • Kenny

    I was once a Mobilicity Customer, but I got to say I grew tired of all these outages once a week. and very low signal or no signal inside of buildings, slow throttled data, blocked ports. And this company isn’t reliable for my needs for my business. So I switched my business line to Koodo mobile and I have not regretted ever since. Atleast with Koodo there’s absolutely no small zones. With Koodo I can take my cell anywhere across Canada and not pay a single cent for long distance or roaming. Yes Mobilicity is cheap and all but you get cheap service which isn’t that reliable. I’d rather get 100% service for what I’m paying each month. No point in paying monthly fee’s if your phone only works 50% of the time, and not knowing when the next big outage will come like what happens with mobi.

  • 2pacs tshirt

    big whoop, its a lot easier for them to handle their 1200 customers than the other guys dealing with millions.

    give em a break

  • Marius Banuta

    At Wind Mobile you will get … zero .Even thought they have many problems in Calgary .

  • Tyler

    I’ve gotten credit from Bell. Bell are better than Rogers for sure.

  • Mobile4Everyone

    Has anyone called? How much of a MyWallet credit are they offering?

    • A.K

      its a $5 myWallet Credit

  • mongoose

    Why should you have to call in? It should be applied automatically. Not everyone follows Dave on Twitter or Facebook.

  • Sean

    Not sure why their President would send a tweet, knowing their network was down and nobody would get it.

  • JKC

    I just called customer support to receive my credit because I already have voicemail. You get 5 dollars into your wallet which is pretty good considering the outage was only 2.5 hours.

  • Quico

    I just called; they applied $5 to my wallet. Great customer service.

  • Lola4708

    I’ve called in…the wallet credit is $5

  • mobilicity what a joke

    mobilicity is a big joke lol. I called in and all they offered for compensation was $5 lol. I lost way more than that with losing cellphone connection for my business. I had lost around $1,500 from this outage for a few hours. and all mobile offered was $5 lousy bucks lol. today I ported out my number over to Koodo mobile cause I find their no zone plans to be an awesome deal. and then I called mobi and told them why I ported out from them. mobi is highly unreliable to use for a business line. their good for teenagers who have no responsibilities in life and can’t afford a real cellphone plan.

  • MobileKid

    You wouldn’t get a credit like this with Rogers because an outage like this would not happen due to a fiber cut. That’s what all these companies blame their outages on. Double charged for being in an Away Zone “sorry sir, there was a fiber cut!’ Give me a break!!

  • tbone

    I called into Customer Care and they had no idea what dobbin was tweeting about. No one should quote this a*****e.

  • Sceptic

    Easy to credit 30 customers…

  • Frank

    To Kenny. Koodoo is owned by the big 3 I hope they would be better but not in prices and in time Mobilicity will.”Remeber Rome wasn’t built in a year and the big 3 has had over 20 years to get it right but they haven’t.