Videotron increases by over 45k in Q2, total subscriber base reaches 203,800


  • Colin

    Wow that’s huge these guys are killing it. Go videotron!

    Shaw hows that wireless coming? You could be killing it like these guys too.

  • Kin

    I wish my Desire Z would work on their network, that’s the only thing preventing me from switching. Their current phones line-up doesn’t appeal to me at all.(I’m a “must-have keyboard on the phone” kind of person 😛 )

    • Jon

      Have you looked at the T-Mobile G2? It’s essentially the AWS Desire Z.

  • jacques

    They are killing it but their service sucks. Had a $4 discount because I had 2 services and now they cut it to $1.50 and they lowered the mobile rate too. So basically it isn’t worth to bundle anymore. Even Bell doesn’t do that.

    Also alot of areas where I don’t get reception. Areas where I would get reception with Telus on CDMA. I called them amd the tech said they would call me back to rectify it and they never called back. I then called them up and they told me that outdoor signal was good and had no intention of improving building penetration in my area!!!

    I got my phone by mail and they charhed me for 5 days before I activated the phone because it had been ordered 5 days before.

    NOT VERY HAPPY WITH THEM AT ALL. Hope Mobi or Wind gets spectrum in Quebec in 2012.


  • Simon

    Not that great I think. I am convince Public is doing similar with one fifth of the footprint

  • Montrealer

    F**k videotron. We need windmobile!

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    203k! wow thats like 30k shy of the official wind subs! wow! wind who?

  • Jon

    Error in what Ian wrote: “133,200 new connections and 70,600 migrations from the mobile virtual network operator (“MVNO”) service”. Essentially means they now have 203,800 4G customers, unknown number of MVNO customers.