BlackBerry Curve 9360 coming to Koodo Mobile for $300


  • asdgjkaskl;j

    koodo always comes through <3
    im still praying for them to release the desire s though!

    • Alex Perrier

      “Lord, please this Desire S to Koodo…”

      That’s just LOL. 😉 It’s possible to unlock and still get the $150 Tab with a $150 gift card. Anyway, it’d be great to see the HTC Status at Koodo. Seems like the right market.

  • TomatoGuy

    Needs to be priced at $200 to be successful.

  • Alex Perrier

    Wow, that’s faster than the gap between the 8530 of May 25, 2010 and the 9300 of March 23, 2011! But without anything breathtaking, like video chat, is the upgrade really worth it?

    At least Koodo got rid of all CDMA devices. Now if only Bell’s brands, especially Solo, would also follow suit…

    • Matt

      I agree. CDMA is dated and needs to go.

    • RedArmada

      I agree on principle, however Bell needs to upgrade their network first. Many remote communities and almost all of the territories are CDMA only. For example in the Yukon Whitehorse is the only city with 3G service.

    • Alex Perrier

      There’s nothing overly wrong with CDMA, as American provider Sprint uses this technology and was rated “most reliable” in February and April 2010 by PC World. With speeds never reaching 1 Mbit/s on average, however, the company’s name is misleading, and should perhaps be changed to something like “Throttle”.

      So basically, Bell and Telus could have chosen to stick with CDMA and add LTE and WiMax upgrades, like Verizon and Sprint did in the USA. Instead, the incumbent Canadian providers all use HSPA+ as their main product. CDMA devices are an endangered species, nearly extinct, and there are virtually no new CDMA smartphones in Canada.

      But given CDMA’s poor data performance right now, maybe that’s for the better. We choose a device according to its network capability:
      * Bell, Rogers, or Telus HSPA+ networks, plus Rogers GSM;
      * WIND, Mobilicity or Vidéotron HSPA+ networks, plus Rogers GSM;
      * Public Mobile CDMA network, with Telus roaming for now; or
      * Rogers AWS network, apparently LTE, with HSPA+ and GSM support.

      Much better than CDMA’s vice grip in the USA. Also, they don’t have to make an “LG Optimus” device for every carrier. 🙂

  • Brian

    Hard to call something “next generation” when it’s already outdated at launch.

  • asdgjkaskl;j

    ontario/bc is where its at.

  • canmr

    @Alex Perrier – well, the major manufacturers are still making cutting edge cdma devices for verizon and sprint…..and then there is japan and s.korea, they have the fastest network on cdma

    • Alex Perrier

      Because USA is the third largest country in the world, dismantling the CDMA networks there would make no sense. Over 50% of all Americans depend on them. This is because Verizon Wireless is that country’s largest carrier, with over 106.3 million clients. Sprint is third, with 52 over million. Both use CDMA as their base.

      Most Americans only use the basic CDMA network, but a few use the LTE and WiMax enhancements on Verizon and Sprint, respectively.

      Here in Canada, no more than 15 million use a CDMA network. Moreover, instead of “enhancements” like in the USA, Bell and Telus decided it was cheaper to just build an HSPA+ network. This is why CDMA is slowly dying in Canada. Remember the transition from analog (AMPS) to digital (CDMA) cell phones? Same thing’s happening now with TV. Similarly, CDMA will eventually be a pointless legacy investment for Canadian providers, so they will shut it down.

      So CDMA is a majority in USA, but HSPA+ forms the majority in Canada. All the better. 🙂

    • Alex Perrier

      i can’t speak for Japan and South Korea yet, because i am unfamiliar with the demographics and providers of these countries. 🙁

  • danny28

    This phone is easily worth more… I have one already, I leaked the pics and specs on crackberry… This phone is far better than 9780 and is quick… And has nfc, unlike new torches 😉

  • Nick

    $300 is a good deal. Good ole Koodo, a generation behind but prices and plans that can’t be beat (aside from the newcomers, and only in big cities).

    • Alex Perrier

      Koodo has next generation service, but they carry only a couple of high-end devices. Their device selection may be limited, but their service is very affordable and innovative.

  • Miguel

    So if you pick the curve 9360 from Koodo and unlock it would it work on wind mobile? I believe that wind uses AWS 1700 and the specs from the blackberry site show “Tri-Band UMTS networks: (800 / 850) / 1900 / 2100 MHz or 900 / 1700 / 2100 MHz UMTS” under carrier networks.
    A friend of mine is picking up a 9300 from Koodo but I own a 9300 unlocked from wind that he likes already so I was wondering if I should ask him to get the 9360 instead and do a switcheroo and pay him the difference. Any thoughts?

    • Pedro

      This is a STUPID idea!! Stick with SAMSUNG!! They are beettr phone by far. LG rushes phone to meet demands and HTC is UGLY looking REALISTICLY!! Samsungs are much sweeter lol