HTC willing to settle with Apple after patent dispute


  • brendan


  • JayJay

    What happened to competition??

  • cody

    Yeah I just ignore apple bs now, My phones never were apple and I’ve switched from Mac to ASUS.
    Enough is enough Apple, sell phones and stop suing everyone. Stop being i****s and fight fair.

    • Cadet

      they can’t
      it’s the one of the biggest source of income by suing other companies
      and it’s one of the most easy way to keep their profit margin and market share =\

  • Tbone

    I aggree, this is getting out of control…whats next, Apple trying to sue mother nature for mcintosh apples cause its the same name with different spelling lmao…gimme a break

    • Cadet

      ‘the is world changed again’

      the apples we eat no longer named apple because it’s an infringement to the apple company
      and sue the apple tree for creating apple


  • patrick

    don’t pay apple damn thing

  • Andy_F

    HTC just wrapped up getting some S3 patents and guess who infringes those.. So HTC has a stronger negotiating position with Apple now.

  • mike

    poor apple, they can’t be creative with their phones, so suing is the only alternative to make profit. poor poor apple. I think by 2015 Iphones won’t exist anymore.

  • Destroyer

    I agree the iphone, I mean the iicecube tray company can’t compete with actual innovative forward thinking companies. Just another Microsoft humping the backs of companies who want to move ahead, or ride the backs of their drone followers.

  • jellmoo

    Out of curiosity, why does HTC get a free pass on this issue and Apple gets all the hate?

  • TH8MA3

    The iPhone isn’t going anywhere guys its the best selling smartphone in the world.

  • apple a day

    cant wait for ios5, lots of the new features are copied from android and bb. bb and google should sue them.

    • JVP

      iOS 5 has a notification bar JUST like android. when is apple gonna stop stealing android stuff? i mean, at least if youre gonna do it, do it quick…multitasking on iphones didn’t come out until the FOURTH one!! pathetic.

  • Paolo

    Did everyone here miss the point. I;m not going to sit here and say that Apple is the best company but if you actually read the lawsuit, it was because HTC infringed on a patent that apple OWNED. Therefore, why would apple not have the right to sue for someone using that patent or copying something they have done. It’s a simple process guys. If i created something, patented it and you copied it and called it yours, I would for sure as hell sue your a*s.

    Everyone needs to stop complaining about (specifically here) Apple and them not “being innovative” or “they copy Android”. They continue to build technology, people find it user friendly and they like it. I have an iphone,it works for me, I have never had any reception issues as people claim, my phone has dropped and the glass has never cracked. My I brought my old iphone in for service, they just replaced it. No other phone company will provide the same service so people need to step off their high horses and stop trolling posts.

    • smart

      Sounds like typical iPhone fan boy. I m witness of Apple’s poor reception as i saw my friends who owns iPhone can’t even make outgoing calls where i have no problem with my old “HTC magic”. I worked for Apple’s tech support and i know millions of iPhone problems. Still i m saying Apple is not that bad but it is way over rated and over expensive, more over Android is way better than iOS but you will never know coz you r a fan

    • Paolo

      Actually, i’m not a fan boy. But you seemed to have missed the whole point. Whether you worked for apple or not and/or know their problems. I didn’t say my iphone was the holy grail. I have some issues with it like anyone else would with their phone. I tried android and it wasn’t for me. I didn’t like how it was set up. Most people don’t car about customization of their phones so open source means nothing to majority of people.

      It’s very biased of you to sit at your computer and type how iphones have millions of problems but yet not even start to begin on the issues that android has.

      I’ll give you the piece on the phone being expensive. It’s a bit of a rip off but at the same time a lot of other phones on the market are as expensive if you’re comparing the 16gb version. As far as my reception, “I” have never had an issue and my group of friends almost all have iphones as well and I’ve never heard of them having problems either. And i don’t use my my with a case.

  • Mark

    Wow. A company admits they might have taken ideas and implemented them and is willing to settle meaning the company who originally sued is actually right, and look at the fanboys declaring it to be the end of competition. Disgusting.

    Why don’t i just sit at home and you guys give me your paychecks? You are killing the competition.