Apple now outselling Nokia in smartphones, has over $76 billion in cash

The numbers are staggering: $28.57 billion in revenue and over 20 million iPhones sold last quarter, and now Apple has a lot of money in the bank. In fact, they have over $76 billion in cold hard cash to spend, which, according to The Atlantic magazine is enough to buy Goldman Sachs with over $11 billion left over.

Adding proverbial fuel to the fire is a report that Apple has finally overtaken Nokia in total smartphone sales, though that number takes into account unreported Q2 sales. Nevertheless, it has come to light that Nokia’s sales have fallen off a cliff, and market share has dropped significantly — a reported 50% in Australia, which is staggering — and they suffered a 368 million Euro loss last quarter.

So what should Apple do with all that money? Buy RIM? What do you think? Sound off in the comments. (Breakdown of total Apple sales after the break).

Source: 9 to 5 mac