Bell to release the Samsung Galaxy Gio this August


  • Customer

    Wow Bell is going off with upcoming Android releases, but the reason why I’m not with the Big Three is the overprice plans + hidden fees.

    • Lolola

      ^ Thanks Dave Dobbin, Mobilicity CEO

    • Alex Perrier

      To reply:

      “Wow Bell is going off with upcoming Android releases, but the reason why I’m not with the Big Three is the overprice plans + hidden fees.”

      There are currently only eight wireless providers in the world using AWS technology. Four are in Canada, and four more are in the United States. T-Mobile is currently the largest provider using the technology, but it may be bought out by AT&T. Rogers also uses AWS for LTE, but almost charges an arm and a leg for it.

      One reason why my phone is with Telus Mobility is because AWS providers had a small, limited selection of devices that did not please me. Still, my plan rate is between “big three” and “big small”, with unlimited calling, 3 GB of data, and bonus features. i’m willing to give the Alcatel Tribe a chance if it approaches the $100 price point. Right now, Koodo and Virgin are going head-to-head to deliver the lowest price quality Android device.

      Finally, because the AWS network technology is still young, it is currently only used in two countries around the world, both in North America. The future of T-Mobile, the largest AWS provider in the world, will also determine the future of AWS.

    • Alex Perrier

      Oops, in that previous comment, my words were confusing.

      i said “lowest price quality” but means “lowest price, but still decent quality”.

  • Alex Perrier

    There are a lot of devices out there, sometimes at competitive prices. The Gio specs look similar to the Cloud Touch, Optimus One and Wildfire S. So a lot of competition for that class of devices, which is great!

    The Gio is certainly better equipped than the 550, and will probably be available on Virgin as well, which normally has better-priced plans. So let the games begin, and let’s get ready to rumble! 😀

  • Rashypoo

    Sounds goood! I hope that virgin gets the phone cuz the 550 is way outdated when it comes to the other phones on our roster!

    • Richard

      Does it have gorilla glass and a good long lasting battery?

  • BigK

    And the hits just keep coming. Not gonna lie. Its going to be pretty hard to convince me to renew with Telus with Bells current and upcoming lineup.

  • asdjkfasklj

    damnnn i wanted to gio to hit koodo!

  • A

    I must say Bell.. I’m impressed 🙂

  • billa

    It will be around 300 hundred outright..

  • roman129

    If you’re going to Bhell, you’re probably getting a contract. (And why wouldn’t you? It’s the rational thing to do, because the plans are already priced to subsidize a smartphone) So it makes sense to buy the top of the line phone instead of the cheap and cheerful. The contract price for this will be like $50-100 less than the Galaxy S2, which is negligible over the 3 year term.

    • ToniCipriani

      1. Not everyone wants or needs a huge phone. Sometimes a simple smartphone that can read emails, occasionally browse the web, will do.

      2. Your type of thinking is exactly what the carriers want. A 3-year contract is by no means rational, unless you are promised a huge discount on the monthly plan.

      As long as we keep signing these ridiculous contracts, it’ll just keep getting worse. So next time you’re buying a phone, say NO to a 3-year contract.

    • Olivia

      It’s great to find smeonoe so on the ball

  • Rich

    Galaxy S2 or get out!

  • Gman

    I’ll be getting the Galaxy S2 on no term regardless what comes out now, but I’m impress with Bell’s lineup.

  • aviking

    It really sucks being from Manitoba and seeing all of these phones going to Bell being that thees well not even be available here.
    galaxy S II
    galaxy gio

    • Xperia X10

      I hear ya.. *sighs* 🙁

    • mda

      You mean “etc” not “ect”.

  • MARS

    WOW Bell has really stepped things up with their Android lineup!! I remember a few years ago they used to have the worst lineup!!

  • mda

    MobileSyrup should redo the best line-up pole and this time bell and not telus will win.

  • khota

    I have this phone and like it although some of the trouble that I usually encounter are:

    * Finicky Wi-Fi (that is probably Android 2.2)
    * Sleep button push causes Volume button push as well
    * You can inadvertently push the Mute button by your cheek 😀 while on a call. The touch screen is too sensistive

    Otherwise, it is a great phone to have

  • Michael

    Guys the thing about this phone is you dont need data on it wich is why it will become popular. u cang et the SGS2 np but on a 50$ plan u can get this phone on a 20$ plan and use it in wifi and as a phone.

  • Patrick

    Wow bell slow down u are killing Telus and rogers this summer its called the big 3 not the big 1. bells truly has the best phone on the market right now . telus who is my provider better wake up or im going to switch