CLEARNET releases the Android Samsung Galaxy Apollo


  • Alex Perrier


  • Alex Perrier

    Overall, this Samsung phone is comparable to the LG Optimus One, but it should come with 2.3 Gingerbread. Until then, LG has an advantage with 2.2 and planned 2.3 OS. The LG looks better too.

    And does Clearnet sell SIM cards? When will they sell data plans, how much data will be included, and at what cost?

  • Sean

    Why do yo need this when they have Koodo just put these plans as options on them … Everyone knows koodo who knows of clearnet

  • Alex Perrier

    People may have been more familar with Clearnet if TELUS marketed it the same way Rogers markets Fido.

    Fido is falsely perceived by many to be “a large, independant company” yet there are some similarities and some differences between the two companies.

    * The similarities are that both carry similar or identical devices. Fido has the iPhone, BlackBerry Curve and two Androids which Rogers also carries. Their data plans are very similar. Both offer the WhoCalled feature and sell Caller ID separately.

    * The differences are that Fido almost only has budget-priced devices. Fido sells unlimited plans at the store, whereas Rogers only offers them behind the scenes. Rogers charges a GRRF for data, whereas Fido “tucks in” that price with their 3G stick plans. Finally, Fido has lots of dogs and Rogers has almost if not none.

    If TELUS marketed the Clearnet name like Rogers did with Fido, then it may be more well-known and successful. Clearnet’s (now TELUS’) MiKE business phones are still available, but they are not for the average customer. It would be interesting and encouraging to see TELUS promote Clearnet like Chatr.

    • Alex Perrier

      “People may *would* have been” is more what i meant.