Analyst says TELUS’ Clearnet “appears to be a defensive move in reaction to Chatr and Solo”


  • Nagamasa

    Does it really take an analyst to say that…

    • lou

      Is Clearnet intro a joke? Just called, they say they presently are in Kelowna in BC and Red Deer in Alberta. Do not know when or where else they wil be, have no concept when their Samsung Apolo will be available. Frankly what amateurs.

  • Frankie

    I dunno. those prices are nowhere near Chatr and Solo. I think they are competing with themselves.

  • Myles

    Plans range from $45 to $60 depending on region.

  • Andrew

    Really telus? Really?! If one of the big telcos launched a plan structure similiar to something Wind or Mobilicity offered they would be selling phones and plans faster and in greater numbers than anyone else.

    All of these, “we need to rebrand”, or “we need to make people think they are getting something different” ideas need to go away. Telus needs to stop trying to convince people they are getting something different, and offer something different!

  • gmd

    They’re paid by the word.

  • JFrosty

    So basically, now we have 9 brands for 3 carriers.
    Bell – Telus – Rogers
    Virgin – Koodo – Fido
    Solo – Clearnet – Chatr

    When can we expect a 4th one for each?

  • davidA

    This seems like a good deal, for those who live in the west, outside of the major metropolis. Four cents a minute (with a solid reliable connection) to the UK, is what I am paying now when using my Telus ‘land line’ – the fact that you can keep your home phone (without paying extra) is an added bonus. I will seriously be taking a look at this offer.


  • Max

    It is just like the evil Agent Smith from Matrix keeps cloning himself over and over again lol….

  • Phil

    Seriously $50-60 for JUST TALK???Another rip off from Robelus!!!

  • Mike

    Its actually $55-60 for a landline with UL talk and a mobile with UL talk, text & features. That along with excellent LD rates makes it quite a bit different from what Robelus normally does.

  • 5Gs

    Is it just me or is it that the incumbents are coming up with their new brands because they know their original brands will diminished soon. Instead of going through awe and shame they started to secure the future because those 3 years contracts are about to end… 😉 thanks to THE LEGEND WiNd

  • XER

    Maybe Wind, Mobi and Public Mobile should create their own sub-brand?

    This is jut very confusing for consumers.

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      XER excellent idea but since WIND is not able to establish itself as a real brand what good would a sub brand me? Actually Wind is the Sub brand of Orascom! I know.. it stings huh .

    • chall2k5

      Rocco? OTH owns Wind? look at the facts.

      Wind Telecom owns 51.7% of Orascom, not the other way around

      Plus hey they are still the biggest of the 3 newcomers, this lawsuit hasnt seemed to affect the company

  • TheReg

    Wow I should write articles like this and get paid for summarizing and stating the obvious.

  • Winduser

    @ David A. You don’t get a full landline it’s a landline for outgoing calls only

    • Mike

      You’re right, it is for outgoing calls only. Would probably be more useful to Wind users who get horrible cell reception indoors.

  • hauer

    The LD rates emulate mobilicity’s

  • Terry

    “Clearnet is a small market trial running in Kelowna and Red Deer. TELUS routinely conducts market trials to test out new concepts.”

    Concepts? I’d hardly call making the most faintest of effort on actually being competitive a “concept”

  • Trevor

    Someone wake me up when an incumbent does something competitive please.

  • Ardel

    Koodo, a sub brand of Telus is already offering two unlimited plans nationwide, City Koodo Unlimited
    $35/month and Unlimited Combo $45/month. When Public Mobile is offering unlimited plan for $15/month, you must be crazy to go with Clearnet.

    City Koodo Unlimited


    • chall2k5

      unless you live in rural BC/Alberta

  • Ryan

    So basically, now we have 9 brands for 3 carriers.
    Bell – Telus – Rogers
    Virgin – Koodo – Fido
    Solo – Clearnet – Chatr

    When can we expect a 4th one for each?

    Pretty sure this is just a way to hide money, is it not. Start up new companies, make smaller amounts of money distributed among all 3 instead of making a lot of money under one company name and getting taxed to hell.

  • sunHammer

    I remember Clearnet from the 90s, before Telus bought them up. Kinda nice to see Telus “going back to their roots” so to speak. Too bad about the pricing, though.

  • Ray

    Solo does offer data, $25 for 500mbs. get your facts straight before you publish an article…

  • Maestro

    The worst part for me is that CLEARNET (TELUS) is selling the LG GB-255G at 49.99$ and the Samsung Evergreen at 79.99$. With TELUS it is 129.99$ and 149.99$ with no contract; is that taking us for a bunch of fool or what. When people will understand that there is NO ADVANTAGE to stick with the 3 stooges when living in the big city.