Report: 33% of mobile phone users have a smartphone


  • Terry

    While that sample size is small, it does paint a bleak picture of Canadian cellphone use.

    While I wish they asked why they don’t have a data plan or why they just have a basic cell phone, I would imagine the main reason would be the cost of it monthly.

  • Len

    Sad, 66% of the people of Canada are living in the 3rd world. All thanks to the high costs of the big 3.

    • Bleven

      It’s a bit harsh to suggest that someone not using a smartphone is living in the third world, is it not? While the Big 3 does have out of this world pricing, people buy dumbphones for any number of reasons aside from cost. Mind you, dropping $100 or less on a phone to avoid a 3-year is a mighty good reason on its own. Battery life, smaller form factor or *gasp* they just need to talk and text.

      Personally, although I use a dumbphone, I’d be willing to make the compromise for a smartphone if there were plans that were right for me. Every plan I look at either provides too little or too much (with the intention of driving me to pay for the “too much” plan no doubt) and I’m not about to pay extra for too much.

  • Sap

    Okay…So what’s wrong with owning a simple (non-smart) phone? It saves you money while getting the job done – remember that for a majority of us making phone calls and occasional text is all we require.

    IMHO there’s no limit to spending countless hours playing angry birds – it’s not likely going to make you productive (not that I’m saying one shouldn’t, it’s a personal choice after all just like watching TV or video-gaming).